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Parish Happenings 
1st Quarter of 2006

There are many things that happen in the parish that a lot of us may not hear about. There is not enough room in our printed weekly bulletin to adequately cover everything. I would like to use these pages to expand on some of theses things. The events that go on in the parish just don't happen, it takes many dedicated people working together to make them happen. This is your page, you make things happen. If you are involved in a parish event or program and would like to share more specifics with the rest of us, this is the place. Pictures are a good way of sharing and are always welcomed. Want to wish someone a happy birthday or happy anniversary, this may be a different and fun way to do it. Contact Paul Bartholomew at 607-637-5409 or mailto:bart@hancock.net


    Tuesday, March 28, 2006 the Father Rausch Hall was full with family and friends of Irene Vitale. The Bethany Ministry Volunteers did another great job of preparing and serving a delicious luncheon.


          The relic-glove of Saint Padre Pio came to Hancock on March 24, 2006. A Mass was celebrated by Father Stephen Morris and after the Mass the parishioners were invited to meditate while holding the glove, which was protected in a glass frame. They were then blessed  with oil from the tomb of Padre Pio. The evening was long, but the experience was well worth the wait.

The Bethany Ministries Volunteer have been very busy. Monday, March 6, 2006 a funeral luncheon was provided for the family of Joseph McArdelle.  Thursday, March 9, the luncheon was for the family of Concetta Wolfe. Then on Friday, March 10, 2006 the funeral luncheon was for the family of Joyce Richards. A special thanks to all the people that worked and to those that provided all of the food.

The Cabin Fever Ham Dinner was held on Sat. Feb. 25th. The dinner was really delicious and a special thank you goes to everyone that prepared the food, as well as  to those that took the time to help serve and clean up afterwards. A big thank you also to the people that donated food and to those that attended the dinner.


Baptism: Sunday, February 19th St. Paul's welcomed Aidan Christopher Towsley into our Catholic Community. The parents are Patrick and Audra Towsley. The Godfather is Fr. Stephen P. Morris and the Godmother is Shelly Lichty.

Baptism:  Sunday, February 12th at the 9:00 AM Mass  we welcomed into the Catholic Community Isabella Zoe Petriella. The proud parents are Joe and Jackie Petriella and the Godparents are Paul and Joann Pitcher.

The Bethany Ministries served a wonderful luncheon for the family members and friends of Margaret Rutkowski on Sat. February 4th. 2006.

The blood drive that was held on January 21st could have used a lot more donors. If you did not give the gift of life this time, maybe you would consider donating the next time .



A look into the past, picture is pre 1955, exact date is not know at this time.

A Funeral Mass was held on January 16th for Sophie VanLoke. The Bethany Ministry Volunteers put on a delicious luncheon following the mass.

Birthday wishes also go to Jerrie VanMater

The Bethany Ministries Volunteers served a delicious funeral luncheon on Sat. January 7, at the Father Rausch Hall.

Happy Birthday to Socorro Marin: January 6, 2006

Congratulations to Paul & Sandra Bartholomew on their 21st Wedding Anniversary, January 4, 2006

Happy Birthday to Paul Bartholomew from Sandra on January 7, 2006

Our thoughts and prayers go to the family of Carrie Bartholomew on the First Anniversary of her death, January 18, 2006