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1st Quarter 2011

‘Touch Our Hearts O God’ Youth Retreat at St. Paul’s on Feb. 19, 2011

Submitted By:  Danielle Gross


     This past Saturday, Feb. 19th, the first ever Youth Retreat was held at Fr. Rausch Hall and St. Paul’s Church.  With the support of the following adults to set-up, lead activities, prepare food, and clean-up; we had a very successful evening that was full of fun and youth fellowship-- with 31 students in attendance!  Thank you to:   Father Chris, Paul Bartholomew, Socorro Marin, Brad and Patty Esolen, Bob Collarini, Beth Horton, Maureen Hunt, Cathy Haugen, Nick and Maria Possemato, Guy and Gloria Struble, Kathy Ingalls, Ernie Schenk, Bill and Laurie Gross, Linda O’Brien, Karen and Kristy White, Sue Miller, and Diane and her students from Oneonta!  To EVERYONE who played an active role in the evening or even just prayed for its’ success—THANK YOU!!  This would not have been possible without willing and generous adults and, of course, the student participants!

     The theme of the retreat was ‘Touch Our Hearts, O God’.  The retreat began with 4 o’clock Mass.  From there, students came to the Hall to sign-in and donate a canned item to the food pantry as their admission.  Each student received a necklace with a puzzle piece attached (as the puzzle was assembled later in the evening).  Students also signed up for activities upon signing in.  Activities included playing the Wii (monitored by Zach Possemato), Theater Games (Ernie Schenk), The Sewing Bee Project (Kathy Ingalls), scrapbooking (Linda O’Brien), card making, indoor basketball (The Horton’s), Taize-Zae Prayer (Father Chris and all musicians/singers), and a quiet reflection area.  Other activities, in which ALL students were required to participate in, included a skit performed by Kristy White and Danielle Gross, ice-breaker activities (Brad and Patty Esolen), a spaghetti activity (led by our guests from Oneonta) in which students were grouped together and had to rely on one other to lead and build a sound structure, a puzzle activity (led by our guests from Oneonta) in which members of each group were given a disability (being blind-folded, not being able to use their hands, or not speaking) to learn about what it is like to have to rely on others for assistance and what frustrations (like not being included) occur when you have a disability.  ALL students listened to music (Bob Collarini) and sang along when they could, created an angel (led by Kristy White) to ‘hold’ prayer intentions to be said during Taize-Zae Prayer which concluded our evening at about 11:40 pm (led by Fr. Chris), received a reflection booklet to write down their personal thoughts and prayers in, and pieced together a puzzle of Jesus from the necklaces (supplied by Bill Gross) they were given in the beginning of the evening—symbolizing that we are all ONE in Christ Jesus.  Students learned to be generous, giving, and helpful to one another through all of the planned activities and discussions.  They worked together with one another throughout the evening, giving to others, by making pillow cases through the Sewing Bee Project to give to anyone with an illness in hospitals, they collected food for the poor, they were hospitable in welcoming five students from the Oneonta area as well as student guests, they made cards to be distributed to the sick and dying, and showed respect to one another and the adults.

     This evening also included discussions about what we can do to make sure we include others, a reflection of how Christ is among us and prayers for others.

     The food for the evening was generously prepared and donated by Guy and Gloria Struble.  The pizza, wings, waffle sundaes, and many beverages were enjoyed by all!  THANK YOU, once again, TO ALL!!!

     P.S.--- If you have any photos you’d like to share...Please forward them to Paul Bartholomew at bart@hancock.net.


IT’S PIEROGIE TIME AGAIN! Saint Paul’s is making pierogies to be sold during the Lenten Season. They make them on Monday and Tuesday evenings from 7:00 - 9:00 PM in the Fr. Rausch Hall. Anyone is welcome to came and help. Proceeds from this fund-raiser will go to the Father Rausch Kitchen Updating  Project.

Christopher Braun was Baptized during the 4 PM Mass at St. Paul's on Saturday, February 12th. He is the son of Christopher and Jennifer Braun. The God Parents were James Ayres and Stephanie Baudendistel.

The week of January 16th is celebrated as The Week for Christian Unity. About 55 people of the local Christian Community came together at the Father Rausch Hall to end the week with at a pot luck luncheon, a movie and a Mass at St. Paul the Apostle Church.

The delicious and numerous dishes that were made for the luncheon proved to be a great way to to extend fellowship for the people in our Christian Community. Everyone seemed to enjoy the time to relax and enjoy.

The movie for the afternoon was Amish Grace. It was about the 2007 shooting that took place in Lancaster County, Pa in which five young Amish school children were killed and five were wounded and how the Amish were able to forgive the person who did the shooting as well as his family.