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1st Quarter 2012

2nd Annual Youth Night
Theme:  ‘Are You Courageous Enough?’

     St. Paul’s Youth Ministry hosted its’ 2nd Annual Youth Night on Saturday, March 31, 2012.  The theme was courage.  Eighteen participants, from grades 5-12, joined together for a fun-filled evening.  Many adult volunteers and families of the participants worked together to supply the dinner, drinks, and dessert for the evening.
            The evening began with 4pm Mass.  We then headed to Fr. Rausch Hall for a dinner of Macaroni and Cheese, walking tacos, hot dogs, and vegetables.  (Many thanks to the wonderful kitchen helpers we had on this evening—Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Marin, Mrs. White, and everyone else who was in and out of the kitchen!)
            Next, a guest speaker, Brianne Kravetsky (senior from Hancock Central), spoke with the students about what courage meant to her throughout her life journey to this point.  Afterwards, Miss White, Mrs. White, and Mark White presented a comical, yet thought-provoking, puppet show regarding what it meant to be “a part of God’s Army”.
            From there, students broke into four groups and traveled to five different bible stations, set up by Kristy White.  Each station spoke of a Hero from the Bible and students were instructed to read scripture at each station about the Hero depicted.  After all of the groups had been to each station, we gathered together to see what we could re-call about each of the Heroes and how we, too, need to “shield ourselves” from evil and be courageous in doing what we are called to do in every situation in our lives.  (Bill Gross designed white-erase shields for each Hero discussed, so the groups could each write informative facts on them with dry-erase markers after they read about each hero.)
            Mark White then lightened the mood with some active and fun ice-breaker activities.  From there, students could choose an activity to engage in before re-grouping for ice cream sundaes.  Students were playing night basketball outside in the parking lot, playing on the Wii stations that were set up, or scrapbooking.
            Students then had dessert and gathered to watch the movie ‘Courageous’.  While the movie was very long, the students enjoyed the message and could, most likely, relate to some of the real-life situations portrayed.  After the movie, students received a discussion guide that contained reference to the scripture regarding specific scenes from the movie.  They could each bring the booklet home to reflect privately on their thoughts regarding some of the scenes and read from the bible for guidance.
            Our evening ended with Taize prayer, set up and executed by Father Chris and Bob Collarini.  The church was completely dark, with the exception of candles that were lit and laid out in the shape of the Cross.  Students sat around the edges of the cross, looking into the candles, while listening to the sound of Bob’s music and Father Chris’ reflective prayer.  Some joined in the singing, while others sat in silence—listening with open hearts.  A perfect ending to our evening.
            Many thank you’s to everyone involved and wishes for a Holy and Blessed Easter!

Live Stations of the Cross were presented by the youth of St. Paul's on Friday, March 31st under the direction of Father Chris, Cathy Haugen and Kristy White. The youth were: Patrick Esolen, Joseph Gross, Andrew Gross, Tommy Letosky, Sam Ogozalek, Rachel Hunter, Kylee Letosky, and Kayleigh O’Keeffe. Mark White was the cantor.

The First Station

Jesus is Condemned
 to Death
The Second Station


 Jesus Takes
His Cross

The Third Station

Jesus Fall
The First Time


The Fourth Station

Jesus Meets
 His Mother


The Fifth Station

Simon Helps Jesus
The Cross


The Sixth Station

Veronica Wipes
The Face of


The Seventh Station

Jesus Falls The
Second Time


The Eighth Station

Jesus Meets The
Women of


The Ninth Station

Jesus Falls a
Third Time


The Tenth Station

Jesus is Stripped
of His Clothing


The Eleventh Station

Jesus is Nailed
to The Cross


The Twelfth Station

Jesus Dies
On The Cross


The Thirteenth Station

Jesus is Taken
From The Cross


The Fourteenth Station

Jesus is Laid
in The Tomb



‘A Lenten Meditation in 2012 Sponsored by The Passionist Associates’

On Dec. 18, 2010 at World Youth Day, Pope Benedict XVI said: "I still hold in my heart

the moment when, during my pastoral visit to Turin, I was able to stand in reflection and

prayer before the Holy Shroud, in front of that suffering face, which invites us to meditate on

the One who has brought upon himself the passion of man of

every age and every place, even our sufferings, our difficulties,

our sins. How many faithful, throughout history, have

stood before that burial cloth that wrapped the body of a crucified

man, that corresponds in every way to what the Gospels

tells us of the passion and death of Jesus! In contemplating it

we are invited to reflect on St. Peter's words: "By his wounds you have been healed" (1 Peter

2:24). The Son of God suffered, died, but rose again, and for that, those wounds become the

sign of our redemption, forgiveness and reconciliation with the Father.

For those of us who could not be in Europe for the actual showing in 2010, we are pleased

to announce this rare privilege to view one of the few Church sanctioned, authentic, full

body replica’s of the “Holy Shroud”. Mr. Donald H. Nohs is the Presenter and one of the

world’s leading authorities on the Shroud of Turin and Passion of Jesus. Mr. Nohs has over

40 years of research experience and for the past 25 years has been on the lecturing circuit in

two different countries. Mr. Nohs assures us that we will not only come to recognize the

Face of God, but that we will actually touch or kiss the True Face of Christ in Heaven.


On March 11th Mr. Nohs came to St. Paul's as the "Presenter" for this rare viewing.

 Mr. Nohs shared his intimate knowledge of the Passion of Jesus and answered some thought provoking questions.

* Is this the Burial Cloth of Jesus? * The Shroud and the Gospels!

* The Holy Sudarium * The Shroud And The Liturgy!

* The Message of the Shroud! * The Holy Face of Jesus!


In addition Mr. Nohs gave us a rare glimpse at the authentic replica’s used in the Passion

and Crucifixion of Jesus; The “Crown of Thorns”, The “Nails”, The “Roman Flagrum” (whip),

The “Spear”, The “Coin Over The Eyes” (Widow’s Mite or Kings Lepton).


Mr. Donald H. Nohs is Associate General Director of the

‘Confraternity of the Passion International’ a worldwide

lay organization affiliated with the Passionist Order which

promotes the Passion of Jesus.


We thank Cathy VanMater and Socorro Marin for making the presentation of the Shroud of Turin  available to the parishioners of St. Paul's and to the many visitors that came, some from  as far away as Schenectady.

The parish was invited to a 70th birthday party after Mass on Saturday, January 14th for Jerrie VanMater and Paul Bartholomew. The party was arranged by their wife's and some very helpful parishioners and friends. A delicious roast beef dinner with all the trimmings was served and of course a birthday cake. A power point presentation of pictures revealed how our features change over these many years.

A very big thank from Jerrie and Paul goes to all the hard working people that made for a fun evening and one to remember!