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1st Quarter 2013

On Thursday March 21st ten boxes were sent out to our Saint Paul's college students.
These boxes are filled with Easter treats and a beautiful letter from Father Chris.
Linda O'Brien and Karen White head up this project. They get donations from parishioners 
and both ladies like to throw in a few sweets themselves. Audrey O'Brien, Linda and Karen 
all do some baking for the boxes. But the kids really like it when Father Chris bakes for them.
He always surprises them with a bake good or two.

The students are very thankful and always write Father a note of gratitude.
This is the second year  this project has been done for both Christmas and Easter.
Linda and Karen hope this project will continue for many more years.
Easter Sunday, March 31 was a day for families getting together at home, but after the 9 AM Mass many of St. Paul's Family stopped off at the Father Rausch Hall for a continental breakfast and our Annual Easter Egg Hunt. Story telling, good food and lots of conversation made for a great time for all.