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Parish Happenings 
2nd Quarter of 2006

There are many things that happen in the parish that a lot of us may not hear about. There is not enough room in our printed weekly bulletin to adequately cover everything. I would like to use these pages to expand on some of theses things. The events that go on in the parish just don't happen, it takes many dedicated people working together to make them happen. This is your page, you make things happen. If you are involved in a parish event or program and would like to share more specifics with the rest of us, this is the place. Pictures are a good way of sharing and are always welcomed. Want to wish someone a happy birthday or happy anniversary, this may be a different and fun way to do it. Contact Paul Bartholomew at 607-637-5409 or mailto:bart@hancock.net


       On June 27,28,29 the Father Rausch Hall was host to a number of people that were looking for shelter  because of the wide spread devastation caused by the flooding and the closing of all the roads. The hall was not a designated disaster relief place, but we saw a need and decided to open up the hall to help in some small way. Providing accommodations for 10 to 12 people and up to 16 at one time was a seat of the pants operation. I had never done anything like this before and it was definitely an learning experience. We had people here from Canada, Greene, Elmira, Norwich, Roods Creek, Connecticut, as well as the local people that were displaced. Thanks to the food and water that the Hancock Central School supplied and mattresses and blankets from the Family Foundation School. Socorro Marin's cooked up a delicious dinner and along with the salad from Diane Weber, no went hungry. The Caramore's stopped by with VCR tapes, playing cards, towels and toiletries. All this was greatly appreciated by everyone there. Little Italy stopped by with pizza as soon as they were able to get back in business. Most of our guests had left by then, since the road west had just opened. The ones remaining really enjoy them. The strangers that came in for shelter, left three days later, no longer strangers but as friends. I think everyone went away a little more humble and a little richer, after living with strangers for three days.

Janet wants to leave town
so bad but couldn't.

The sign reads:

CT. or Bust



Maureen Hunt arranged for the State Police to come and  make sure she did, (I mean could) 


     The graduating seniors of St. Paul's were blessed at the 10 AM  Mass on Sunday June 25, 2006. A reception followed at the Fr. Rausch Hall for the graduates, as well as their families and friends. Attending were: Amanda Berry, Melissa Gardner, Joshua Gross, Benjamin Leonard, Joseph O'Brien, and Jessica Possemato


      The Saint Paul's Open Golf Tournament was held on June 10th and 11th 2006. We had a bake sale and chicken barbeque on Saturday as well as a 50/50 raffle. Sunday was the golf tournament. The weather for June was very cold but the events were very successful, thanks to the support of our parishioners and the local businesses

The raffle winners were:
I-pod : Ray Rutkowski
Stone Bench: Dorothy Shaffer
Cow cut outs: Maureen Hunt


       Thursday May 25, 2006 was another momentous day at St. Paul's. Bishop Hubbard was here for the Confirmation of St. Paul's candidates for confirmation, as well as the candidates from the churches of Delhi, Downsville and Walton. St. Paul's was the host church and was filled to capacity. A standing room only reception in the Father Rausch Hall followed the Confirmation Mass and the pictures below so that everyone really enjoy the evening. Special thanks to the many volunteers that made it all possible.


      The Bethany Ministry served a funeral luncheon for the family of Joseph Kulesya on Sat. April 29th. Joseph was the brother of Sophie VanLoke who had passed away earlier this year. On Friday, May 5th a funeral luncheon was also served for the Family of Patty Karcher.


    Sunday, our parish family and the town was saddened to learn of  the sudden passing of our Administrator Robert Carpenter. Bob was a real asset to our parish and will be missed in more ways than one can imagine. A Funeral Mass was held on Wednesday, April 5th and a luncheon followed in the hall, with burial in St. Paul's Cemetery.