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2nd Quarter 2011

Each year the Diocese of Albany sends 2 Boy Scouts to Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, New Mexico. Last year because no one was able to make the trip, the diocese will be sending three scouts this year.

In December 2010 Mark White filled out an application and he also had to write an essay on Christian Leadership. In February he received notice that he, along with 2 other boys had been accepted and would be making the trip in July.

On Sunday, June 26th Father Chris offered a special blessing to Mark in preparation for this once in a lifetime experience. Mark is the son of Karen and Ed White.

Below is some information that Mark put together about the trip and what the agenda will be.

Congratulations Mark

Philmont Scout Ranch is in Cimarron, New Mexico in the Sangre de Cristo mountain range. Sangre de Cristo means Blood of Christ. Philmont Scout Ranch covers 137,493 acres or 214.8 miles, approximately 60 square miles larger than the town of Hancock. An Oklahoma oilman, Waite Phillips, amassed over 300,000 acres into a ranch he called Philmont (phil from his name and mont from "monte" the Spanish word for mountain) in 1922. He believed in sharing his wealth. In 1938 he donated 35,857 acres to the BSA. After seeing the enthusiastic responses of the first campers, he augmented his original gift adding another 91,500 acres. In 1963, another 10,000 acres were purchased and added to Philmont.
I will be flying into Albuquerque New Mexico. From there we will be driving 2 1/2 hours to the base camp in Cimarron. after 2 days acclimating to the average 6,000 ft elevation we will head off on our expedition. On an expedition scouts are grouped into crews of 7-12 including two leaders. For 12 days and nights we will be backpacking from campsite to campsite. At most campsites there are venues where different activities are offered including rockclimbing, blacksmithing, and panning for gold among many others. we will be carrying all of our food with us for the 12 days. it is all freeze-dried and is made by letting it sit in boiling water. we will be boiling the water with backpacking stoves that we also have to carry with us. And hopefully after evading the bears and mountain lions I will return on the 23rd of July.
Shannon Miller, Gary Resti, and Shane O'Brien received a special blessing from Father Chris at the 9 AM Mass to honor their graduating from Hancock Central School. A reception for their families and friends was held in the Father Rausch Hall following the Mass.

Shannon is the daughter of Gary and Susan Miller and will attend Mohawk Valley College in Utica to study in Early Childhood.

Gary is the son of Gary and Tracy Resti and will be attending Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester to study Civil Engineering.

Shane is the son of Terrence and Linda Obrien and he will be attending Morrisville College to study Criminal Justice.

The seven gifts in day-to-day life:

a) The gift of wisdom:  Four-year-old Amanda was taken to the doctor’s office with a fever.  The doctor looked in her ears and asked, "Who’s in there?  Donald Duck?" She said, "No."  He looked in her open mouth, "Who’s in there?  Mickey Mouse?" Again she said, "No."  He put his stethoscope on her heart and asked, "Who’s in there?  Barney?" Amanda replied, "No, Jesus is in my heart.  Barney is in the pocket of my underwear."

b)  The gift of understanding: A kindergarten teacher was observing her classroom of children while they drew pictures.  She would occasionally walk around to see each child's artwork.  As she came to one little girl who was working diligently, she asked what the drawing was. The girl replied, "I'm drawing God." The teacher paused and said, "But no one knows what God looks like." Without missing a beat, or looking up from her drawing the girl replied, "They will in a minute."

c) The gift of counsel: Just after receiving his driver’s license, a Lutheran minister’s son wanted to talk about using the family car.  “I’ll make a deal with you,” his father said.  “Bring your grades up, read your Bible more often, and get a haircut.  Then you may use the car once or twice a week.”  A month later the question came up again.  “Son,” the father said, “I’m proud of you.  I see you studying hard and reading your Bible every day.  But you didn’t get a haircut.”  After a moment’s pause, the son replied, “Yeah, I’ve thought about that.  But Samson had long hair, Moses had long hair, and even Jesus had long hair.”  “True,’ the father replied, “but may be you noticed that they walked wherever they went.”

d) The gift of fortitude:  A mother refused to permit her little boy to go for a picnic with his classmates.  On the day of the picnic, however, she changed her mind and gave him permission.  But he sighed and confessed, "It's too late Mummy, I've already prayed for rain on the school picnic day!"

e) The gift of knowledge: The story is told of a man who went to the priest and said, "Father, I want you to say a Mass for my dog." The priest was indignant.  "What do you mean, say a Mass for your dog?" "It's my pet dog," said the man.  "I loved that dog and I'd like you to offer a Mass for him." "We don't offer Masses for dogs here," the priest said.  "You might try the denomination down the street.  Ask them if they have a service for you." As the man was leaving, he said to the priest, "I really loved that dog.  I was planning to give a five thousand-dollar stipend for the Mass." And the priest said, "Wait a minute!  Why didn’t tell me that your dog was Catholic?!"

f) The gift of piety: The Rabbi, the Cantor and one member of the congregation were the only ones present for the service.  The Rabbi intoned, "Adonai, before you I am as nothing."  The Cantor intoned, "Adonai, before you I am less than nothing."  The member of the congregation intoned, "Adonai, I too am nothing and less than nothing."  The Cantor looked at the rabbi, and gestured toward the member of the congregation. "Look who thinks he's nothing!"

g) The gift of fear of God: Do not ride in automobiles: they are responsible for 20% of fatal accidents.  Do not stay home: 1% of all accidents occur in home.  Do not walk on the streets or sidewalks: 14% of all accidents occur at such times.  Do not travel by air, rail, or water: 16% of all accidents happen on planes, trains or boats.  Only .001% of all deaths occur in worship services in church, and these are usually related to previous physical disorders.  Hence the safest place for you to be at any time is at church!!!                                             



On Sunday, June 5th St. Paul's welcomed a new member to our community. Xavier Keith Esolen was baptized by Father Chris at the 9 am Mass.  Linda and John Letosky were the Godparents and Patty and Brad Esolen are the proud parents. The newest member of the Esolen Family was also joined by his siblings for the first of many Sacraments he will be part of as he grows in the Catholic Faith.



St. Paul's Annual Crowning of Mary our Blessed Mother took place on Sunday, May 22nd. Kevin Caramore, Charlene Caramore, Kristy White and Mary Ann Hunter were the adult readers for the program and from the religious Education class, Megan Hunter, Emily Struble and John MacRabie were the readers. The choir led everyone in a number of songs dedicated to Mary Our Mother. The children led us in one decade of the Rosary to honor Mary. Laycee Drake carried Mary's Crown and Michael Makowski placed it Mary.

During the procession a lighted candle was brought forth to remind us that Jesus is the light of the world.

A Bible to listen and read- God's word, Just as Mary did.

Personal petitions to remind us that we should never be afraid to talk to Mary and ask for her help.

-And a crown fitting of Mary as our Queen of Heaven and earth was placed on Mary's head.

After the Litany of the Blessed Mother led by Father Chris, refreshments were provided for everyone, in the Father Rausch Hall.

Sunday May 1st was First Communion Sunday for three of our young parishioners. Laycee Drake, Michael Makowski and Connor O'Boyle received their First Communion after learning about the Eucharist by attending the Penance Classes that were taught by Pat Brown. A reception for family and friends was held in the Father Rausch Hall following the Mass where the new communicants presented Mrs. Brown with a bouquet of flowers to show their appreciation.
The annual Easter Egg Hunt for the children of St. Paul's and the local community was held Easter morning as well as a breakfast in the hall. Story time was done again this year by Valerie Hunter.

      Spring has been with us for at least a month and the cold has refused to go away. Nevertheless about 40 brave souls attended the Ecumenical Sunrise  Service scheduled for Easter morning at 6 AM. The service was held at Fireman's Park and the hope was that the Sun would rise over the park and make for a beautiful setting for Easter morning service. The Sun did rise but was not visible in Hancock due to the fog and dampness that prevailed. Nonetheless it was a beautiful service led by Pastor Roxy and Fr Chris. The rain held off, the birds were singing and the geese that were near the river made their presence known. After the service all were invited to the the Emory Methodist Fellowship Hall for lovely breakfast.

         The Lenten Stations of the Cross took on a different look on Friday April 1st. The youth of the parish put on a musical meditation of the 14 Stations, complete with a cantor, costumes and props. Mark White was the cantor and the supporting actors were: Patrick Esolen, Andrew Gross, Megan & Rachel Hunter, Kayleigh O’Keeffe and Sam Ogozalek. Maria Possemato was the seamstress for the great looking costumes and the coordinators for the stations were Fr. Chris and Cathy Haugen. Kristy White  was the director of the lighting effects. The organ music was supplied by Cathy VanMater.

       The youths put a lot of effort  into rehearsing for the Stations and the results really showed, they did a fantastic job!! 

      Probably the youngest person ever to attend The Stations of the Cross at St. Paul's was Lane Nichols, he is the grandson of Ed and Karen White.

        The cantor for the Stations was Mark White and he did a great job. Here are some things you may not realize about Mark: He has been studying vocal music. Participated locally in Hancock Central Chamber Choir and Chorus and last years Community Christmas Cantata. He also been part of  the BCMEA (Broome County Music Education Association)  all County Chorus for 5 years and one year in NYSSMA (New York State School Music Association) area all state mixed choir.


The First Station

Jesus is Condemned
 to Death
The Second Station

Jesus Takes
His Cross

The Third Station

Jesus Fall
The First Time


The Fourth Station

Jesus Meets
 His Mother


The Fifth Station

Simon Helps Jesus
The Cross


The Sixth Station

Veronica Wipes
The Face of


The Seventh Station

Jesus Falls The
Second Time


The Eighth Station

Jesus Meets The
Women of


The Ninth Station

Jesus Falls a
Third Time


The Tenth Station

Jesus is Stripped
of His Clothing


The Eleventh Station

Jesus is Nailed
to The Cross


The Twelfth Station

Jesus Dies
On The Cross


The Thirteenth Station

Jesus is Taken
From The Cross


The Fourteenth Station

Jesus is Laid
in The Tomb



The Whites