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Church Happenings
3rd Quarter of 2008

Saturday September 20th 2008 St. Paul’s was the host to the Annual Women’s Fellowship Coffee Reception Hour. 43 Ladies were in attendance for the annual event with all the area churches well represented.

The theme of the fellowship was “When Life Hands you Lemons”. A welcoming greeting and a prayer was followed by a light brunch of delicious breads, muffins, cakes, fruit and beverages prepared by the Ladies of St Paul’s Church.

The reflection part of the program was a talk on “Lemons” by Mrs. Charlene Caramore. The talk was about how we can take the conflicts and low spots in our lives and use them to bring us to a place where God wants us to be. Lemons are like three particular parts in our Christian lives.  When we use these to do spiritual warfare, we end up being better women in Christ, who are able to do his work. Since we were on a food theme, Charlene referred to the three parts as the Three Peas: Penitence, Prayer and Praise.

The First Pea - Penitence: when the lemons start to fly and all the negativity and the garbage surrounds us, one of the first thing we should do is confess to the lord that somehow, in someway, we have contributed to the mess and ask his forgiveness. 

The Second Pea -- Prayer: the trials in our lives have a tendency to wake us up, to freshen up our lives with a little zing as long as we liberally apply a good amount of prayer.

The Third Pea --- Praise: a “sweet smelling oblation”. Our purpose here on earth is to know God, to love him and to sing his praises as often as we can.

At the end of the talk Charlene asked us to consider dedicating the rest of day to praising and thanksgiving to God for all the wonders of the universe. She asked us to take it a step further and to incorporate it into every day and every prayer. “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”.  Charlene also reminded us we are the women of the church. We are God’s hands. We open hearts to God. It is our service, our creativity, our generosity, our hospitality, and our loving sacrifice that keep turning lemons, not just into lemonade but into lemon chicken, lemon bars, lemon meringue pies, lemon cakes, all the good things, the sweet things that God wants us to share with his people.

A spoke person from each of the churches was chosen to share the fellowship on each of the respective church happenings, and it was concluded by all who attended that our community is growing in love and friendships. The morning ended with a prayer and a pamphlet was passed out as a souvenir with lemon recipes for baking, cooking as well as household hint uses.

Here at Saint Paul’s we all know our faith calls us to follow the 10 commandments, to receive the sacraments, and to pray, and while we know that faith is essential for our salvation we also know faith is completed by the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy.

On Friday, Sept. 19 our Bethany Ministry which provides the Corporal Works #7 (to bury the dead) had the privilege to provide a delicious luncheon for the family of Faye White for about 90 people.

The Lector was: Ed White

Eucharistic Minister: Mim Peters and Tina Linke

Our personal shopper was ---    Maureen Hunt.

Kitchen Staff  -- Marie Gales, Betty Rosengrant, Barbara Rotzler, Paul Bartholomew, Soccoro Marin

Main Dishes ---  Mrs. John DaBrescia, Kristen Barron, Marlena Letosky, Helena Dirig, Barbara Rotsler

Desserts – The Millers, Danielle Gross

Thanks also to anyone that I may have missed!!

Our condolences and prayers are with the White Family in their time of loss and a great many thanks to the tired-less volunteers who keep this ministry continuing.


        The church roof replacement has been completed and it looks so great to look up and see a straight roof line as well as the straight hip roof lines on the lower sections at the rear of the church. There is still some finish work to do around the outside of the church, but for the most part, that work is completed. The work has now moved to the inside with many hours of plastering and removal of the shoring tower that we have been looking at each week for over the past year and a half. A painting of the inside of the church is mostly completed, additional side wall bracing has been installed in the attic as well as the air conditioning unit that was removed when the project was first started. The lighting will be re-installed and larger ceiling fans will be installed shortly. Insulation that you see in the pictures below, in the bales, will be blown into the attic floor area to insulate above the barrel ceiling. The wood floors sanding and sealing will be one of the last items to be done. The balcony is now supported by three one inch steel rods that are attached to a specially designed truss in the attic.

      The Catholic Daughters of the Americas held their regular scheduled meeting On September 11, 2008. at 7:00 PM with  13 members and 5 guest in attendance. In Memory of all those lost and forever missing from the events of September 11, 2001, the day our world changed forever, prayers used on that day were recited by all the members.

    The business meeting followed the prayer service and much was accomplished to lead us into the next few months.  The members decided to have our annual raffle on October 4th 2008.  Tickets are being sold every weekend until then. The Penny Social that always goes along with it has been cancelled because the church repairs are still in progress. It was decided to hold the sale as a flea market on October 11, 2008 in unison with the Hancock Partners Organization Annual Fall Harvest Festival with the proceeds from the sale to be donated to the Hancock Education Foundation for the scholastic programs for the children of our Community. Catholic Daughter Sunday will be on October 19, 2008, at the 10:00 AM Mass followed by a reception.  Plans for the reception will follow as soon as they are finalized.

     All business completed, the business portion of the meeting ended with a prayer Said by The Holy Father – Pope John Paul II on September 11, 2001. Copies are available for anyone interested in one.

     Fellowship time was provided and we enjoyed a light hearted video presentation on how to humor your stress.  Much laughter and sharing was enjoyed by all.

       The Blue Knights and Mary’s Flower’s groups met on Saturday September 6th. The get together opened with the recital of the Rosary led by Mrs. Maryann Hunter. After the rosary the Blue knights and Mary’s Flower’s member prepared their own breakfast. The Menu was Pancakes, Eggs, Fruit and Juice.  The members took their turn at the grill cooking and flipping pancakes. While some members waited for their turn at the grill, they were busy writing and decorating Thank You cards. After the delicious breakfast was eaten and everyone helped with the clean up process, The Blue Knights were escorted outdoors for a breath of fresh air and some much needed exercise by our parent volunteer Mrs. Lori Gross. Mary’s flowers Began to prepare for their next Activity.

     The Blue knights project of the month was to make their very own Rosary. The beads were purchased to resemble Father Stephen’s Rosary Beads. The Boys worked very diligently at their task counting beads and making knots. A slow process but oh so…lovely. This project is looking fabulous and the instructor promised to pick it up again next month in order to finish it and send the rosary’s home with the boys.

    Mary’s Flowers Project was to design and assemble their very own personal calendar. The idea was to learn how to organize themselves by keeping important dates in the Calendar. Their instructor was Mrs. Regina Skinner, a Community Friend and she very carefully and gently bounded the calendars for each of the girls. She provided all the tools we needed and brought the girls lots of stickers to decorate the calendars. When the girls were done with their calendars they were as unique as they are. The project was quoted by the girls as “awesome” and a thumbs up was given as a grade. The next meeting date is scheduled for October 4th, and everyone is welcomed and encouraged to visit.

      On August 14th The Catholic Daughters of the Americas held their regular scheduled monthly meeting. The meeting was held at Father Rausch Hall at 7:00 PM with 23 ladies in attendance. An invitation for new members was announced in the church bulletin.  We were delighted at the response to our invitation and we hope all the ladies visiting felt welcomed and enjoyed our presentation.

     A business meeting was held and then we adjourned for a special presentation. Our presentation for the meeting was called “Reflections of A Lovely Woman”. Mrs. Mary Jo Law without hesitation kindly accepted the invitation to walk us through the steps of a beauty make over with devotionals of “A Beautiful Woman in Christ”.

    Our lovely model was none other than our very own Diane Weber (stage name—Glenda) who did a marvelous job for us and at the end of her makeover she was not only looking beautiful, but feeling just as good.  The moral of the story was --- Being beautiful in Christ involves more than just the outside or just one part of us. Our verse says, …a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised.  “Proverbs 31:30. That is the beauty that transcends time and doesn’t fade away.

Refreshments and fellowship followed the presentation.

For those members who could not attend the meeting we hope and pray you are well, and can join us next time.  Copies of the devotions are available if you are interested.

Thank you again to our members and our visitors for your support and consider joining us for our next meeting.

“Our Motto Is Unity and Charity” and we cannot survive without YOU.

**** Something to chuckle about****

At this time Mrs. Mary Jo Law and Mrs. Diane Weber (Glenda) are considering taking their show on the road.  We wish them well and we hope it’s a short run so they are back for our next meeting with many friends.  Everyone is most welcomed always!

 ****Something to think about****

The Attitude Cleaner,

Fill your mind with good thoughts, healthy thinking, and words that refresh.

         On Saturday August 2, both Mary’s Flowers and Blue Knights celebrated Morning Mass with Father Stephen. Father explained the special meanings and order of all the pieces of clothing he wears for Mass.

Following morning Mass, both Mary’s Flowers and Blue Knights were led by MaryAnn Hunter in one decade of the Rosary. 

Mary’s Flowers-
                        Mrs. Linke joined Mary’s Flowers to give them a very thorough lesson on how to care for the church linens. The girls were amazed to learn that the first rinse water is never poured down the drain because it could have remnants from our holy meal on it. The girls all liked the idea of using it to water their flowers they planted last month. In addition to learning how to properly wash and care for the linens, they reviewed the proper terminology for the holy vessels used during mass (for example, chalice).

Blue Knights-
                    After Mass, the Blue Knights, accompanied by Mr. Bartholomew, went to look at inside of the church. It felt so different without the pews, lights, wall decorations and the statues in places. From there they went to the rectory to learn how to put together the weekly bulletin. After learning how to copy bulletins (and their hands), they learned how to fold them. Mr. Bartholomew explained to the Blue Knights that there is a small group of parishioners unable to attend Mass due to illness or age. For these parishioners, St. Paul’s mails their bulletins. The Blue Knights very energetically folded bulletins, stuffed envelopes, labeled, sealed, and stamped the envelopes. To complete their task, Mr. Bartholomew and the Blue Knights placed the finished envelopes in the St. Paul’s mailbox.
                 The Blue Knights very eagerly filled the watering can (at the great peril of Mrs. Mason). With happy hearts’ these wonderful gentlemen filled and carried a heavy watering can to water in the new lilac bush that was planted earlier that morning to celebrate Little John Mason Jr.’s life. 

First Aid Class-
                       Mr. Robert Collarini donated his time and humor to teach both Mary’s Flowers and Blue Knights basic first aid. Along with treating a case of the giggles, everyone learned about when to apply pressure, when to dial 911, cleaning a wound, and all of the other important details related to first aid. Both groups (Mary’s Flowers and Blue Knights) worked hard all morning doing different tasks separately and together. 

          The work on the outside of the church is almost 100 percent completed with the installation of the new rain gutters. The crew will now be working inside, first with the removal of the pews to allow for the plastering and painting of the inside of the church and the resealing of the wood floors.

        Vacation Bible School on July 21st and 22nd was held a St. Paul's Father Rausch Hall. Vacation Bible School is always shared with our good Friends from the Emory United Methodist Church in Hancock. Pastor Andy Weidner kindly led us into opening and closing ceremony prayers both days. This year's theme was " Rain-forest Adventure". A rain forest program of faith filled fun about How God wants us o Love him by caring for creation and for one another. A total of 29 Children participated in the program.
       The theme of day one was "We Share" -- Share every good thing you have and day two was "We Give" -- If we can give we should be generous. Bible Stories of "Boaz shares with Ruth" and "Elisha giving food to 100 people" came alive by reenactments from Mr. Kevin Caramore and Mrs. Charlene Caramore. These
stories will help the children learn the bible and help them apply the stories to everyday life. The kids made crafts, played games, prepared their own snacks, sang and learned motions in music and watched part of a super silly video. Children and adults walked away from the program with the thought it was
"A tree top Bible Blast".

       Mary's Flowers started Saturday morning celebrating Mass with Father, followed by praying the full Rosary led by MaryAnn Hunter. After that Mr. and Mrs. Caramore guided Mary's Flowers (and their two visiting gentlemen Connor Fosdick and Dante Esperon) through a great lesson about flowers with biblical meanings. For example, Marigolds name coming from Mary's Gold. Everyone cut out the reflection regarding their flower and use it to decorate their flower pots, along with angels, clouds, flowers and other wonderful shapes. As Mr. and Mrs. Caramore described the various gardens around St. Pauls and the flower's biblical significance the girls planted a flower of their choice in their decorated pot. Much as our Flowers of Mary (Mary's Flowers) are lovely, so were the flowers and flower pots they created.

       The reflection for Mary's Gold is: We see how beautifully the golden masses of marigolds suggest Our Lady's splendor after her glorious assumption into heaven, and her "coming forth as the morning rising...bright as the sun" from the interior of the Trinity, as the "Woman clothed with the sun" and the "Queen in gilded clothing"; and in her subsequent merciful appearances on earth. We ask her to pray that we may obtain the promise of heaven.

                                                   Thank you so much to Mr. and Mrs. Caramore for sharing your blessed gifts with all of us.

       We had so much more in store for Mary's Flowers that we stopped for a quick healthy snack and drove the children to Ms. Helena Dirig's home. After a nice introduction to Ms. Dirig, the children were happily in the garden kicking off their shoes and warming their feet in the dirt!  While in the garden Mrs. Marie Gales showed the children the difference between a weed and a vegetable plant. Mrs. Gales was great company and pointed out baby lettuce plants that were in peril of being stepped on and surely would have been mistaken as weeds! To add to our great fun, Mrs. Marin was seen using a cultivator and we have pictures to prove it. After asking if she would be interested in coming to Mrs. Mason's garden, seeing how competently she used that cultivator, she exclaimed that "she would do it only for Helena"! The children pulled a great pile of weeds and shared well-earned cookies and a drink with Helena on her comfortable shaded porch afterwards.

       Ms. Dirig's garden has always been beautifully kept and a source of joy to anyone that has noticed it driving along Rte. 97. In a case of everyone's heart being in the right place, after reading in the bulletin about Ms. Dirig's impending return home Mrs. Mason called Mrs. Marin to ask her opinion about having Mary's Flowers do a community service project to help care for one of our parish members. Mrs. Marin immediately said that she was thinking the same thing when she read it and would speak to Mrs. Gales and see if it was ok. After organizing things with Mrs. Rosengrant and Mrs. Gales, we were ready to go.

      Those children had Christ in their heart when they so happily went out in the heat of the day, dressed nicely for Mary's Flowers, and worked as hard as they did. They were attentive, respectful and humble. What wonderful example's of Mary's love for the world.

        On Sunday, July 6th, James Mosher, a student from The Family Foundation School was welcomed into the Catholic Church with his Baptism, First Communion and Confirmation at the 10 AM Mass. Gerald Janauer of St. Paul's was the Godfather and Ann Janauer was the Godmother by proxy.
         The cross that has been on top of our church for so many years was removed and will be replaced with a new one. The old cross was made of three 2X4's nailed together and covered with tin, then 1/4 inch steel plating was nailed to the front side of the cross. The nails that held the plating for so many years had rusted away and the steel plating was so loose that it fell off when it was touched. The 2X4's where rotted very badly where the actual cross section was.
        Putting shingles on the remaining smaller sections of the church roof continues. The sagging ridge boards that are in the parts of the roof above the reconciliation room and the sacristy have been replaced with much sturdier ones.