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3rd Quarter 2010

On September 26th, Father Chris, Kate Antidormi, Maureen Hunt and Paul Bartholomew traveled to St. Edward the Confessor Church in Clifton Park, New York for the Faith Formation Program commissioning of Socorro Marin and 55 other candidates.

The Faith Formation Program candidates meets once a month on Saturdays for a period of two years and the program not only requires classroom time but there is a lot of homework as well as a retreat.  The commissioning took place during a special Mass at 2:30 PM with Bishop Howard Hubbard officiating.

Congratulations to Socorro for such a great and wonderful accomplishment.  

Religious Education sign ups were held September 19th and classes started September 25th. Father Chris also had a special commissioning of the Religious Ed teachers at the 9 AM Mass. He also thanked all for volunteering their time to teach our young children and young adults.

Jack Tobin celebrated his 79th birthday by receiving a Special Birthday Blessing at the 5PM Mass on Saturday, August 28th.  After Mass his family and friends gathered at the Father Rausch Hall to continue the celebration. Jack's favorite sports teams are the Buffalo Bills Football and Syracuse University Basketball. The two birthday cakes were decorated in Orange and Blue and the hall tables were covered with Blue and Orange table cloths.

In addition to his family and St. Paul's parishioners that attended the party, a great number of Jack's local friends dropped by for a visit and wished him a Happy Birthday.

A number of Jack's Family Photographs were shown on our widescreen TV as a slideshow presentation. The old pictures surely brought back a lot of memories for those that were present.

Jack as an Altar Server in 1937


Over 80 of St. Paul’s parishioners and friends gathered at a reception Sunday to wish Fr. Stephen P. Morris the very best in his new assignment at Maria Regina RC Church in Seaford, Long Island.

The 9 AM Sunday mass was celebrated by Fr. Stephen and concelebrated by our pastor, Fr. Chris Welch and Father Robert Imbelli, a theology teacher of Fr. Stephen’s from over 30 years ago. After Communion was distributed the parish sang one of Fr. Stephen’s favorite hymns; “Song to Our Lady of Guadalupe”.  It brought tears to many eyes as we recalled Fr. Stephen’s great devotion to the Blessed Mother and how he shared and encouraged that devotion with us all.

Good food, coffee and lots of smiles were the order of the day as people reminisced about the 11 years when Fr. Stephen served as our pastor and friend. A slide show depicting many events where Fr. Stephen touched our lives was displayed. Attendees had an opportunity to personally thank him for his kindness to us over the years and to wish him well in his new parish.  He will certainly be missed zipping around the area in his pick-up truck, but says he intends to continue to hold retreats at his retreat house at times on his days off.

We all wish Fr. Stephen the very best in his new assignment and will never forget the lessons he has taught us over the years. We hope, too, that he will never forget the friends and Disciples of Christ that he has made here at St. Paul’s.

Godspeed Fr. Stephen.

Song to Our Lady of Guadalupe
Words Anonymous

You are the fountain of my life
Under your shadow, and in your protection,
I fear no evil, no pain, no worry...


Oh Maria, oh most merciful Mother
Gentle Virgin, with the name, Guadalupe
On a mountain, we find roses in winter,
All the world, has been touched by your love.


Here, in the crossing of your arms
Could there be anything, else that I need?
Nothing discourages, nothing depress me.

You, are the Star of the Ocean
My boat is small, and the waves are so high
But with you to guide me, I'll reach my homeland.

You, are the Dawn of a New Day
For you give birth to the Son of the Father
All of my lifetime, I'll walk beside you...


Copyright (c) 1979 OCP Publications


St. Paul’s was a busy place on Sunday for Rose Molfetta’s Self-Image/Self-Esteem presentation entitled “Modeling Christ”. Twenty-nine of our young ladies, proudly now referred to as “Princesses to the King,” along with 25 adults, listened eagerly on how to better deal with some of the challenges facing our youth today. Some of the topics that Rose touched on ranged from bullying, (both cyber and in person), depression, self –inflicted destruction and hurtful words and actions. The presentation finished with the young ladies realizing just how easy and important it is to walk with their heads high, the proper way to use make-up and how to dress fashionably without compromising their personal integrity. Rose met and spoke briefly one-on-one with many of the young ladies in attendance.

Rose’s personal take on the day: “Everyone made me feel so welcomed and comfortable…I hope to be able to stay in touch with the young girls I met today and I look forward to returning to St. Paul’s and the beautiful Hancock area in the future.”

A very special ‘thank you’ to Fr. Chris, Socorro, Jerrie, Paul and especially MaryJo for your contribution of time and effort (and Mary Kay!) to help bring about this a wonderfully-received opportunity for our young ladies! 

Submitted by: Cathy Van Mater

On August 10, 2010 Anthony Seely became the second St. Paul's senior this year to archive the Boy Scouts highest honor. Anthony was awarded his Eagle Scout Badge at the reception  held in the Father Rausch Hall. His Eagle Scout Project was to create a walking trail along the old O & W Railway Bed in Fishs Eddy. The trail allows people to observe the Partridge Island Nature Preserve while walking. Anthony and his crew did a great job and the trail will be used by many for years to come.

St. Paul’s Youth Attend Rally at All Saints Academy in Albany
August 4, 2010


     The chaperones and youth who attended the ‘Amazing God, God of Love’ Youth Rally at All Saints Academy in Albany on Wed., Aug. 4th would like to thank St. Paul’s for the opportunity to attend and network with other youth and Youth Ministry Leaders.  We also thank Leonard Bus Sales for providing us with an air-conditioned bus and a great driver.

     The following youth from St. Paul’s attended the Jr. High Rally:  Patrick Esolen, Kayleigh O’Keefe, Megan O’Brien, Megan Hunter, Kaeli Norton, Jazzy Miller, Rose Miller, Shannon Miller, Riley Gross, Joseph Gross, and Andrew Gross.  The day began with some ‘ice-breakers’ activities to ‘mix’ the children up and give them opportunities to get to know one another.  They then listened to Keynote Speaker and seminarian, Scott Van Derveer, discuss how amazing God is and how He works in and through us…and also through others we know in efforts to ‘reach’ us.  He shared a wonderful story about his experience in Bolivia learning Spanish, where he was able to meet a young boy he sponsored in order to help the young boy receive an education (something we take for granted).  Mr. Van Derveer also shared a story about ‘bullying’ that touched many of the young students and was very appropriate to this age group.

     After lunch, students attended different workshops.  Rose, Shannon, Kaeli, Jazzy, and Megan O’Brien attended a formation workshop called ‘Amazing God?  Who is God?’  They intermingled with other youth and explored what their image of God is.  There was scripture and hands-on activities.

     Joseph went off on his own with youth from other parishes to attend a workshop called ‘Music and Media as Prayer’.  He explored non-traditional ways to pray and listen to God through music and visual arts.

     Andrew, Megan Hunter, Riley, Kayleigh O’Keefe, and Patrick attended a workshop called ‘Helping Hands’ with other youth.  They learned about ways in which to continue Jesus’ service to others right here on Earth.  It was designed to help them develop a plan for continuing their service and good works beyond the Church building and grounds.

     While the youth were attending their workshops, the adults (Chris and Danielle Gross, Brad Esolen, and Sue Miller) attended a session on how to plan Lock-In’s for Jr. High students.  They had no idea what a ‘lock-in’ was, but Sue and Danielle now have plenty of information to share with the religious education team and would love to develop a ‘lock-in’ for our youth here!

     The day continued with Witness Talks and a snack.  Then it was on to more workshops.  Students chose a work of mercy.  Some chose Praying for the Living and the Dead, others chose ‘Give Food to the Hungry’ and prepared a meal for the SALT teens who had been working in the city of Albany all day.  They also prepared desserts for the soup kitchen.  Some chose to ‘Counsel the Doubtful’ and constructed a prayer Labyrinth, and other chose to ‘Shelter the Homeless’ and cleaned/repaired toys for children who have none.  They also helped build a ‘reading castle’ for preschool kids.

     We then celebrated Mass with Fr. Paul Butler, had dinner, and then departed for home.

     While it was a very warm day, the students enjoyed the hands-on activities that involved getting out of their seats the most.  They also liked the music that was chosen for the Liturgy…and throughout the rally.  It was upbeat and sung with ‘gusto’!  The lyrics were ‘at their level’ and were very inspiring in that they encouraged our youth of this age to now ’get out there’ and share, invite, and encourage others to come to God, and/or ‘show’ them God through their words and/or actions.

Submitted by Danielle Gross

Vacation Bible School was held July 12, 13, 15, and 16th. Co-sponsored by  Emory United Methodist Church and Saint Paul's.
      This year's theme was Sonquest Rainforest.  Following Jesus on a life changing adventure. After Fr. Rausch Hall was transformed into a simulated rainforest,  our adventurers heard stories  of discoveries that gave them knowledge of God's word, but also the opportunity to respond to his truth by living out their Christian faith.  Our story tellers, Pastor Roxy Moses, Father Chris, Robin Evanitsky, Kevin and Charlene Caramore shared the good news of God's love by retelling Bible stories to the audience's delight.  The stories taught the children how to:

Get it                       Parable of the Sower
Get found                Parable of the Lost Sheep
Get God's love        Parable of the Good Samaritan
Get Going               Parable of Talents 

These stories were sure to pass on the message " Jesus everyday on your side"
A visit from Mr. Tom O'Boyle, Hancock's Central School science teacher and parish family member was enjoyed by
the adventurers.   Mr. O'Boyle walked the children through a science lesson and brought copies of photographs of wild animals, brilliant birds and tiny frogs.
A visit from the VBS Mascot, a monkey named Happy Cappy ( Robin Evanitsky) made the children laugh and a little suspicious about who was behind the  puppet stage.
Each night the children were entertained with games. Snacks were provided by the Emory United Methodist Women and the Catholic Daughters.

Crafts were a big hit with the children and they were under the direction and supervision of Mrs. Barbara Rotzler, and her assistants were Peggy Wainman, Katie Wainman and Danielle Gross.
By the end of the week all the adventurers left the rainforest knowing that big or small were all on a quest to follow Jesus and go where he Leads Us!


The installation of drainage for the parking area is almost complete. This week the removal of the old blacktop in a section of the parking lot is taking place. The old black top will be ground up and re-used as part of the base material before the asphalt is laid down.