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3rd Quarter 2007


          Father Stephen and four members of St. Paul's were in Albany on Thursday, September 27th. They met with the engineers that designed the new roof structure as well as the people from the diocese that are in charge of finances and real property. There was much discussion as to why the bids came in higher than expected. The cost of improving the air conditioning system and the church lighting was higher than anticipated. Our time frame of this Fall was another important factor. Most contractors have their seasonal work time already scheduled by the time Spring arrives. The part of the air conditioning system that is above the ceiling will be removed and reinstalled after the roof has been replaced. The lighting will remain as it is. By doing this and also pushing back out start date to the Spring of 2008 we have had more local contractors become interested in the project. Everyone involved is working hard to keep the repairs within our budget. This means we will need to have weekend Masses in the hall if there is too much snow on the roof of the church. Some volunteers will be needed to stack the tables on Saturday mornings and set up the chairs for Mass. On Sunday after the Mass we will need to reverse the process. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Call the rectory (637-2571) if you would be willing to help with this. If there are enough volunteers a schedule could be set up so it would not have to be the same people every weekend.
         On Sunday September 23rd Hannah Lynn Spyche was baptized at the 10 AM Mass. Her parents are Gerald and Laura Spyche of South Wales, NY. The Godparents were Peter & Maria Spyche.
              The goal for the Capital Campaign was $400,000.00. The engineers estimate for the roof was $250,000.00 and the other $150,000.00 was for repairs to the rectory steps and porch skirting as well as for the parking lot repairs. We had 2 out of town contractors put in a bid on the project. Their bids were much more than we had expected. So far no local area contractors have submitted any bids. In order to get additional bids we have had to push back our time frame of this fall to the Spring of 2008 to start the repairs. By changing our time frame, it may be possible to encourage some more realistic bids.
           The bids we have received, have caused some concern in the offices of the diocese. On Sept. 27th there will be a meeting in Albany with the engineering office that drew up the estimate, the diocese financial and real property representatives, as well as Father Stephen and three representatives from St. Paul's.
            Bishop Hubbard has recently assured us that there will always be a Catholic presence in Hancock, but that it may not be as we know it at the present time. If the roof repairs can not done close to what the engineers estimate is, one would have to consider alternatives.
             The steps and the brick under the porch of the rectory are in the process of being replaced. The steps have been in need of repair for some time now and the work is being done by Fred Soulier Construction of Hancock. 
         On Saturday, September 8th Father Scott said a Special Mass for the young ladies of Mary's Flowers. A decade of the Rosary was also said as a way to further celebrate Our Blessed Mother's Birthday.
         After Mass the girls gathered at the hall to make greeting and prayer cards for the Roscoe Nursing Home residents. They then traveled to the nursing home, where the girls presented all the residents with the cards and a flower. Mary's Flowers served cake, brownies, cookies and juice to all the residents and each girl chatted with the residents. The residents  also wrote their name in a card, which the girls took home and promised to pray for them and their intensions. We took pictures and gave the Hancock residents who reside there a beautifully knitted afghan as a gift. The girls were able to see and understand a little bit about people who are aging and understood how they can brighten someone's day by just giving someone a few minutes of their time and sharing some goodies, some laughs and some well-wishes. They especially brightened Mary O' Brien's day since she knew we were from Hancock and was very proud of them. It really was a Mary Day.
          Below are 9 of the 26 pictures that were taken. If any one is interested in seeing the the rest of them, there is a disc you can borrow at the rectory.
         The garage behind St. Paul's has been in need of painting for some time now. Last fall we had a group of young boys that wanted to do some community service and they thought the garage would be a worth while project. A number of dates were set up but weather and other prior commitments caused the project to fall through. The boys were not available this year, but thanks to Bob Rushforth the project is done and looks great. Bob spent many days scrapping off the old loose paint and then put on two coats.  Many thanks again to Bob for donating his time to do this.
         On Friday, August 11th Father Stephen and some members of the Capital Campaign Committee met with: Steve McCray, the engineer who drew up the blueprints for the roof replacement, the mechanical/electrical engineer, and the lighting engineer. Also present were two contractors that were interested in placing a bid on the project. Using the very detailed plans that have been drawn up, many questions were asked and all were answered to the satisfaction of those that were present. The bidders now have two weeks to submit their cost estimates.
         In September Father Stephen will be teaching the high school young adults of St. Paul's Religious Education Class and his class will be titled "The Renaissance Club." Renaissance meaning "rebirth."  The club will meet in what is called the attic area of the rectory. This area was refurbished when Father Jim was the pastor here and is very nicely laid out. The three windows make it bright and cheery. The gas fireplace and carpeting  adds to the solace of the area. Jerrie VanMater and Kevin Caramore are repainting the area to make it more inviting as well as exciting.  
          On Sunday July 29th at the 8 AM Mass, Joseph Meuckenheim was received into the Full Catholic Communion.  Joseph is a nineteen year old student from the Family Foundation School and very much wanted to become a Catholic.

          Adrian Lau was Baptized during the 5 PM Mass at St. Paul's on Saturday July 28th. Adrian is a student at the Family Foundation School.
             Thursday, July 19th the Mary's Flowers Group met at the Father Rausch Hall and each girl made a strawberry shortcake. Everything was made from scratch under the watchful eye of their leaders. Not only did they bake, but learned the importance of measuring the ingredients correctly and how important it is to keep their hands clean while working around food. An extra shortcake was made and delivered to Father Stephen who is recovering from surgery that was performed earlier this week. I'm sure he appreciated it.
          St. Paul's Open Golf Tournament was held on July 8th at the Hancock Golf Course. There were 42 golfers taking advantage of a very nice summer day to play and also help raise some money for the roof project that is taking place at St. Paul's. Last year the date was June 10th and the temperature at 8AM was 38 degrees and very windy. The warmest spot last year was around the barbeque grill that we used to cook the burgers and dogs. This year the temperature was almost 90 degrees by mid afternoon and the warmest spot was still around the grill. (Go Figure). A big thank you goes to Bob Dennis for organizing the tournament, soliciting for tee markers and setting things in motion the day of the tournament. Bob's wife Maureen was a big help all day Sunday and we need to say thank you to her also. Thanks to both of you, $2250.00 was raised to help with the roof project.