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Church Happenings
Quarter of 2008

Mary's Flowers and Blue Knights.
Both programs started with Mrs. Haugen giving a historical lesson on how the Rosary came to be. Mrs. Haugen also led the group in a decade of the Rosary complete with psalms and the mysteries. After that Blue Knights and Mary's Flowers separated to complete their different activities.
Brad Esolen and the Blue Knights had a great time together. They had snack and had a descriptive lesson on the true meaning of Christmas. They were happy to be together and be silly in a couple pictures.
The Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry Christmas Holiday Boxes and Toys were distributed On Tuesday December 16th.
The pantry was fortunate to serve 108 families for a total of 288 individuals with an overflowing food box. A total of 55 families were provided with toys for their children, and 5 families were adopted by private individuals who were also very generous in their giving. This year to their surprise they were also presented with a beautiful personal gift basket for each member of the adult families. The out-pouring of generosity was amazing and the smiles of gratitude worth all the hard work involved in preparing the items.

A special thank you to all the pantry volunteers, who week after week dedicate their time to serve others. Your good works never goes unnoticed.

"Being happy with God Means"
To love as He loves
To help as He helps
To give as He gives
To serve as He serves.
(Mother Teresa of Calcutta)

Thank You everyone!
The Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry

Mary's Flowers was blessed with three guests this past Saturday: the soon to be Mrs. Lisa Rosengrant, Mrs. Haugen and Mrs. Barbara Rotzler. Mrs. Haugen helped to start us with the Rosary, but also worked with Mary's Flowers on making ornaments for our "Mary" Christmas Tree. We were fortunate to be able to use the Christmas Tree that Mrs. Pat Brown decorated in the Hall. If you have not seen it yet, it is very lovely.  Mrs. Rotzler helped the girls make Christmas Cards that were gorgeous. These cards were made for the shut-ins. Lisa was a great help with the crafts and was the "got glue gun queen". We missed having Mrs. Rosengrant with us and wish her a speedy recovery.  

The Thanksgiving Holiday has come and gone. The pictures below were just sent to me, but I still wanted to share them with everyone. The Loaves and Fishes Community Food Bank handed out 107 food baskets to families in our local area for the holiday. Pastor Andy and Father Chris joined with the volunteers to bless the baskets before they were distributed.

Despite the inclement weather, December 11, 2008 was an exciting evening for the Catholic Daughters of the Americas. A total of 32 gathered for the festivities. A beautiful Prayer Service Celebrated By Father Chris followed by the induction of 9 new members to our court and the installation of our newly elected officers presented by our District Deputy, Mrs. Louise Sienko.
Our newly elected officers are Regent- Socorro Marin, Vice Regent- Betty Rosengrant, Recording Secretary- Cathy Van Mater, Financial Secretary- Virginia Gotthardt, Treasurer- Maureen Hunt.
A Grand welcome to our new members: Danielle Gross, Sue Miller, Jean Ann Karcher, Kathy DaBrescia, Shana Drake, Rosemary Bennett, Jennifer Rajoppy, Barbara Leonard,  and Mary Jo Law.
We are delighted and grateful all these ladies answered God's call to be part of our organization to help serve others. As always, we missed all the members who could not join us and we want to say thank you to them for the many years of support and dedication. Together we can do great things!
"We cannot all do great things, but we can do small things with great love". .......Mother Theresa of Calcutta

A Christmas Wish for the people of Saint Paul's Church.
May you and your families enjoy a Holiday Season filled with all good things!

Peace and Love. Socorro Marin

Sunday, December 7th was a fun afternoon for the 82 people that attended the Basket Bingo sponsored by St. Paul's Holy Name Society, with the great assistance of Karen White and Carol Lohndorf  and their fine staff of volunteers . Even though the weather was snowy, cold and windy outside, the warmth and friendship that went on inside the Father Rausch Hall made for an afternoon of fun for everyone. Instead of cash prizes for bingo, baskets filled with a wide variety of goodies were won by the people that went bingo. After the bingo was finished, the many door prizes donated by local businesses and individuals were raffled off. Refreshments were provided all afternoon by the volunteers that manned the kitchen. The proceeds that came from the success of this event will be used to update some of the items in the rectory for Father Chris. Special thanks to everyone that attended, as well as those that organized and worked so hard to make it a warm and fun filled winter afternoon, despite the weather.

Saturday, November 29th was not only the first Saturday of Advent, but also at the 4PM Mass a Special Blessing was bestowed upon Maureen and Bob Dennis by Father Chris on the occasion of their Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary. A great number of family and friends were in attendance to help Maureen and Bob celebrate this momentous occasion. Congratulations to Maureen and Bob for such an accomplishment.

November 25th was the day the Loaves and Fishes Community Food Bank gave out their Annual Thanksgiving Dinner Boxes to the families that had pre-registered. The food boxes were designed to have all the fixings for a complete dinner depending on the size of the family. This year over ninety boxes were given out. This was due mostly to the economic situation that faces our country at the present time and about a thirty three percent increase over last year. Thanks to everyone that contributed all the food that was needed to make this happen and of course a special thanks to all the volunteers who worked so hard to make such an undertaking happen.

November 16, 2008 was a day of great celebration at St. Paul's. After two years dealing with the problems of the roof, the construction and restoration process was finally coming to a close and we were able be back in our church. The John Haddad Contracting Company did a wonderful job of restoring our place of worship and now for the first time in two years, the ever changing decision as to where Mass would be held, is over! Father Chris and Father Stephen concelebrated this special rededication Mass and extra altar servers were on hand to help with the blessing of numerous items in the church. The church was filled to capacity with parishioners, guests and visitors. A beautiful reception was held in the hall following the Mass and a slideshow presentation was running with all the pictures roof of the restoration project. Special thanks to the ladies for setting up and preparing the reception and as always the cleanup that is required afterwards. Our contractor John Haddad was on hand for the Mass and the reception. John was especially thankful to everyone around St. Paul's for all kind hospitality that he and his crew were given during the time he worked on the church.

The new cross that adorns St. Paul's was donated in memory of Little John Mason. This is a wonderful and most fitting  way to remember how faithful this young man was to St. Paul's. The cross was hand made by Reed Baker of Bainbridge and installed by John Haddad under the watchful eyes of Reed. The cross that was taken down during the roof construction was donated to St. Paul's by the Werner Family of Lordville in 1969 in memory of their son, Gregory, who was killed in Vietnam 1967.  40 plus years of weather took its toll on the cross making it unsafe. The placing of the cross atop the church was a most fitting and moving way to say that the restoration is now complete!!!

The weekend of Nov. 8th and 9th was the first time we have been able to use our church since the middle of June. The church is freshly painted and all the cracks in the ceiling have been repaired, as well as the installation of new speakers along the walls. The hardwood floors have been sanded and 4 coats of oil based polyurethane were applied. Thanks to all that worked so hard to get the dirt and dust out of the church after the construction so Mass could be held in church this weekend!! 

Mary's flowers and the Blue Knights get together on the first Saturday of each month. The day starts with the Mass at 9 AM then a decade of the Rosary. Being All Saints Day the girls took the name of their favorite saint and dress accordingly. After the Rosary the girls of Mary's Flowers went over to the church and started to clean up the dirt that was left as a result of the renovations. In two hours time they got a very good start with the cleaning even though there is still a lot to be done before we begin having Mass in the church once more. The Blue Knights made Rosary Beads at their last meeting and Father Chris blessed them at this Mass.

Words from the past

During the removal of the insulation that was above the choir loft, the contractor found a St. Paul's Weekly Bulletin dated February 2, 1969.  Father Walter Baniak was our priest at the time. The bulletin was in the shape of a well put together paper airplane. I can only assume that the trap door in the choir loft ceiling that leads to the attic was left open and someone thought it would be a neat idea to fly the plane into the attic. A few years ago when more insulation was added to the attic it must have gotten covered in the process.


Below is some of the interesting items that appeared in the bulletin:


2nd BANS: Walter Davis Jr., and Kathleen Branning – St. Paul's

3rd BANS:  Raymond Rutowski of St. Julianna's Parish, Rock Lake, PA  and Patricia Possemato of this parish.


PARKING LOT STOLEN SPARK PLUGS WIRE FOUND IN SNOW PILE ON SATURDAY. Either originally discarded, or recently returned, wires neatly coiled, were found by children while playing in the parking lot snow.


OUR CYO YOUTH WILLING TO SLAVE FOR YOU NEXT SATURDAY.! UNBELIEVABLE?  To raise money for the CYO Fund, our youth are willing to work like slaves' doing anything within reason, for four hours 1-5 PM next Sat.. Come to the Labor Market Auction at 11:00 AM to bid for the slave of your choice for the afternoon of chores. This is too good to be true and does need your encouraging!


Second collection is for our parking lot. Remaining Balance is $632.27.


          The renovations on the church are progressing to the point, that the 1st week of November is the target date for being able to utilize the church again. There will continue to be some finish work going on during the weekdays after that date, but we will still have the church available to us.
         The floors have been sanded and resealed and the ceiling fans have been installed. Six new wall speakers have been installed, each with an individual volume control. This will provide for better acoustics doing the Masses. All new duct work for the air condition system that is in the attic has been installed and the attic ventilation system is finished. Ninety percent of the inside painting of the church has been completed. The windows on the outside of the church have been scraped and repainted.

Catholic Daughter’s Court Saint Mary’s #929 celebrated CDA Sunday October 19th, 2008 with a Mass at Saint Paul’s Church dedicated for the living and deceased members of the organization.  Holy Family Court # 1498 CDA members of Deposit New York joined our group for a brunch reception at the Hancock House Hotel for a total of 36 in attendance.  The festivities included a short program and our newly assigned Priest Father Christopher Welch was a special guest.  To begin the program everyone was handed a piece of paper and were instructed to write any special intention they were offering up to the Lord.  Father Chris then lifted everyone’s intentions in prayer along with a special blessing for all present at the reception.  Everyone enjoyed the fellowship and some folks even walked away the winners of several door prizes. Father Chris was the lucky winner of a box of quality gourmet; melt in your mouth, no added preservatives, guaranteed to contain the finest of ingredients Chocolates (Russell Stover).  Parting gifts were distributed to all who attended.  Plans are already being made for holiday activities including another joint gathering.

A Brief History of the Catholic Daughters

Catholic Daughters of the Americas was founded by members of the Knights of Columbus in 1903.  Their first name was “Daughters of Isabella”. Only women relatives of members of the Knights of Columbus were allowed to join the group.  Word of these “Daughters of Isabella” attracted attention and their plan to create similar groups around the country and to open it up to all Catholic women between the ages of eighteen and fifty (later extended for older women) took definite shape. In April 1921 the Daughters were encouraged to unify and in July 1921 they agreed to begin using their new name (Catholic Daughters of the Americas). They became very involved in overseas duties during World War 1. They acted as nurses, clerks, knitted and sewed for the Red Cross, and held parties for servicemen.


In 1925 the Knights of Columbus separated from the CDA & They became and independent organization, & by 1928 there were courts in Canada and South America.  Today there are over 1,400 (local courts) in 45 states across the country including Puerto Rico, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Guam and the Virgin Islands.


The CDA was very active during WW II by making bandages, sewing, buying war bonds, conducting first aid classes & donating blood.  Together they bought and sold over 9 million dollars worth of war bonds. At the same time they were active on the home front, promoting peace and democracy, and rallying against juvenile delinquency and racism. 


Over the years, CDA has supported Catholic University of America’s Department of American Catholic History, and the seminary training programs of the north American College in Rome. We also contributed to the Holy Father’s foundation to help Catholic Churches in third world countries.  Other relationships include support of quality of life concerns such as domestic violence and addictions. They are also involved in legislative that affect quality of live issues and families. The first Annual Catholic Daughter Sunday was celebrated October 15, 1972. Mother Teresa was the keynote speaker at the luncheon held before Mass at the National Shrine in Washington DC.

 News about Our Local Chapter Court Saint Mary’s # 929 Hancock

        We meet on the second Thursday of every month (March thru December) 7:00 PM Father Rausch Hall. Our group has been recently active in many charitable works.  New ideas are being channeled our way in an effort to promote peace and friendship. We encourage the ladies of our church to visit and possibly join our group and be part of our association.


Motto : Unity and Charity –

“We give as we are able our gifts of time, talent.

For more information on the CDA, feel free to call

Socorro Marin at 607-637-2582

or e-mail:

Socorro Marin, Regent

Socorro Marin


Catholic Daughter News

       The 4th Annual Hancock Harvest Festival was held this past weekend On October 10th and 11th, 2008 sponsored by the Hancock Partners Inc. The Partners is a non profit Organization dedicated to foster and promote the economic and social growth of the Greater New York area. The event was held at Charlie’s Great American parking lot. The location that could very well be one day officially named Hancock’s “Town Square”.

      Many organizations were invited and encouraged to participate to make the festivities a fun - filled weekend in the area for local residents and to offer many of the community entrepreneurs the opportunity for exposure.  

      The Catholic Daughters of the Americas took advantage of their invitation and was pleased to be part of the festivities on a beautiful fall weekend by having a fundraiser event of their own.  A flea market sale was the main event for our group with items donated by members of Saint Paul’s Catholic Church. Our fundraiser realized $370.00.

      All of which will be donated to the Hancock Community Education Foundation, (another non – profit organization in Hancock who’s mission is to increase as rapidly as possible the number of Hancock High School graduates who go to college).

      Many of the activities were shared for the benefit of the entire community and as everyone walked around the “Town Square” there seemed to be enough enthusiasm to keep many folks interested. The organizers of the event did a great job accommodating all those invited to participate. Students from the Family School Foundation (a non - profit organization committed to the needs of at risk youth who would benefit from a therapeutic environment to achieve educational goals) were on hand assisting everyone who needed them. Their reward for a job well done was not money  -  but simply many kind regards and a few tasty Krispy Doughnuts, which they gladly accepted, courtesy of the Hancock Community Education Foundation. 

      The Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry was a presence there also and as always folks were very generous with their donations to help stamp out hunger in our community.  The Pantry collected $290.00. All of which will be used to replenish items needed to distribute to the people they serve. 

      A very special Thank you to the Hancock Partner’s, their committee organizers for their tired-less hard work, and their invitation to join them. The opportunity allowed us to be part of their festivities, enjoy a beautiful warm fall day and to practice The Catholic Daughter’s Motto, Unity and Charity.


      Catholic Daughter’s of the Americas held their regular monthly meeting on Oct 9th, 2008. 16 members were in attendance. The business portion of the meeting was very informative as several issues were discussed and agreed upon. Prior business brought to the table was the Sunshine Committee chairperson Mrs. Mary Mack reported her desire to retire since she had held the post for many years having inherited the post from our very good friend Carrie Bartholomew.  One thing that always made us chuckle was - we could never figure out how Carrie (may she rest in peace) always had money in the sunshine committee account.  She started with a $25.00 allotment for the fund.  She would buy cards, stamps gifts for sick folks, mass - cards, and when it came time to give her report at the meeting she always had a balance of $25.00. We figured out her bookkeeping was as unique as she was and we remember her fondly for generous heart.  We welcome aboard our new sunshine committee chairperson and one of our newest member Mrs. Mary Jo Law. All these ladies past and present do a great job spreading sunshine to all who need their spirits lifted as they are able.

      The membership drive is currently on going and we invite members who have not had the opportunity to attend meetings to consider visiting our new and improved organization. With the members that are present and in agreement we are moving forward and looking into the future of our organization.  We are adopting new procedures, guidelines all of which are designed towards promoting charity on behalf of the organization.  A challenge was presented to the members to come up with ideas on “What programs we can present, promote and / or support to help our church and / or our community”.  An example of a great idea! - A short Bible Study Class for church members with possibly baby sitting arranged - so young mothers can attend and not feel burdened by having to hire a sitter.  All ideas will be accepted and built upon in order to implement them. The winner of the contest will win a trip for two to “Aruba”, Sorry, I meant to say the best idea or ideas will win a prize. Thinking caps on everyone – You might be the winner and our organization will be the benefactor.

      Our ongoing fundraiser is our weekly concession stand and arrangements have been made so sign ups are ahead of time. Checking our calendars and prior commitments taken into consideration perhaps there is time to feel charitable every 6 to 8 weeks. That of course is always on a volunteer basis and we are always very grateful for your time.

      Catholic Daughter Sunday will be celebrated October 19th 2008. A reception will follow at the Hancock House Hotel for all past and present members and their guest.  Father Chris and the Deposit Catholic Daughters are invited to join us.  The Mass will be for the living and deceased members of the organization.

      Mrs. Diane Weber addressed the members on behalf of the Rosary Altar Society for ideas and support on how to revive that organization. An idea to consider would be possibly to take it under The CDA umbrella/ yet keep it very separate.  Our effort will be solely to work towards friendship and support.

      Fellowship time and goodies were provided to end the evening.
      The meeting was adjourned with a quote from Mother Theresa:

“ What you can do, maybe I can’t do - and what I can do, maybe you can’t do. But together we can do something beautiful for God and for His Blessed Mother. 


      Saturday October 4th was the regular monthly meeting for St. Paul’s Mary’s Flowers And the Blue Knights group.  The members of both groups started the meeting with a short history of the rosary and then they recited a decade of the rosary led by Mrs. Maryann Hunter. Mrs. Hunter generously and faithfully joins the groups each month for the rosary and everyone in attendance looks forwards to her teachings. She often uses Father Stephen’s beautifully illustrated rosary book and other times she finds little articles on the rosary to share with us.

      After the prayer of the rosary was recited the members shared a special snack –a friendship bread, prepared ahead and shared at the meeting. Other tasty treats included warm freshly baked rolls and cheese filled crackers, milk and juice. After a brief clean up session the groups separated as they always do for planned individual activities.

Blue Knights-----

      The members spend a few minutes outdoors for some fresh air and exercise under the supervision of Mrs. Laurie Gross. Once indoors the activity for the month was to complete the rosary beads started on their September meeting. The members worked very hard to complete the project and they are now each the proud owners of a beautifully hand crafted Rosary of their very own.  The Rosary’s looked very impressive and they were very grateful to Mrs. Lori Gross for her assistance to help complete them. The members were instructed to bring them to church and to ask Father Chris to please bless them. With much love and care they will have them for years to come.

Mary’s Flowers----

       The ladies were very busy with their activity of crocheting a scarf.  For some of the ladies it was a new experience.  Mrs. Cheryl Makowski joined us as the instructor and her granddaughter Alyssa Makowski joined the ladies for the activity. Mrs. Makowski shared her knowledge of crocheting with the ladies, by giving them a lesson on how to begin the project. After everyone learned some basic steps, they were all given the tools needed to continue the project at home. Mrs. Makowski provided each of the girls with a nicely prepared packet of instructions, which included the basic steps and the pattern for the scarf. The ladies loved the project and they commented on how patient and encouraging Mrs. Makowski was with them.  This project was rated an A+ activity.

The girls also picked the first and second prize winners for the raffle that the Catholic Daughters recently used for a fund raiser.

      Blue Knights and Mary’s Flowers finished the meeting with an art project. They each designed their own Poster encouraging community members to donate Food to the local Food Bank. In the end they all had very unique posters to display.