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4th Quarter 2009

St. Paul's the Apostle Church was uniquely decorated in anticipation of the birth of Jesus. The volunteers spent many hours getting things ready by prepping the church, setting up the manger and the sanctuary with trees, candles and flowers.

During the homily at the Christmas Eve Mass, Father Chris asked all the children to gather around him at the front of the sanctuary and he read them the Christmas Story in a way they may have never heard before.

We are pleased to share the great news that the 2009 Hancock Community Annual Food and Toy Drive was very successful.  We served over 125  Families with Food and over 55 families with toys.  The work involved was no small task for the organizers.  The toy drive involved collecting, buying and sorting toys by age and gender as well as getting them to their designated areas.  The food drive was equally involved with food bags to be made, food to be collected and prepared. Special mention should be made to the ladies who provided the beautifully decorated gift baskets filled with personal items for each household. All of that being said, none of this would have been accomplished without the tremendous support and generosity of our community.  The generous donations of food, toys and money arrived with genuine love and heart felt giving.  All of this from the donations, to the volunteers who put in their time helped contribute to make this year's activities a success. Once again The loaves and Fishes Food Pantry Volunteers would like to extend our sincere thanks to all who share in our mission, continue to support us and we wish you many blessings in the new year!

The Bethany Ministry volunteers were kept busy in December. On Dec. 12th they hosted a funeral luncheon for the family and friends of Agnes Gales and on Dec. 18th a luncheon was provided for family and friends of Altheda Appley.

The Religious Education students and the choir teamed up on Sunday, December 6th for a Christmas program entitled "The Real Night Before Christmas." They have been practicing for a number of weeks and the program was enjoyed by the many that attended. This Sunday, the church also honors St. Nickolas. Father Chris put in an appearance as St. Nick when he was a bishop. The performance included special background scenery, as well as special lighting that added to the feeling this was "The Real Night Before Christmas." Special thanks to everyone that helped put the program together for all to enjoy.


Once again words cannot express our heartfelt thanks to the Hancock Community for your continued support
to the Loaves and Fishes Food Bank. With the generous donations provided we were able to provide 112 food bags
for our Thanksgiving Food Gift Boxes. That is a 10% increase over the previous year.

Considering the economy today and all that families are doing to cut back on cost, people were still generous enough to
donate both time and money to help make the project successful. A very special thanks to The John Mason Insurance
Agency food drive which resulted in doubling our surplus since John matched whatever food amounts were raised in monetary contributions. His staff collected, sorted, delivered and helped to fill all the bags which were neatly arranged by other community volunteers.

It is companies, organizations, churches, and people like you caring about this community that drives us to continue our mission each and every year.

With Warm Regards, The Loaves and Fishes Food Bank

Sunday, November 15 was the Second Annual Basket Bingo sponsored by St. Paul's and the Holy Name Society. The weather really cooperated with a beautiful Fall day. The Father Rausch Hall was almost filled to capacity with 112 bingo players and all the volunteers that it took to make this such a success.

Karen White and Carol Lohndorf headed up the committee with  the many volunteers that it took to procure all the baskets, plus the extra door prizes that were given away. The Holy Name Society ran the bingo games. The kitchen staff served hot dogs, chili, pirogues, rice pudding, salads, pastries and beverages. Everything was homemade and delicious.

Special thanks to everyone that participated in the games as well as the volunteers that worked so hard for so long to make it an enjoyable afternoon.

Thanks also to the many sponsors that made the great assortment of  baskets, each one with a different theme, as well as all the door prizes.

Saturday, November 14, was also the Food Bank Drive by theCub Scouts.  pictures ( Bob, Diane Shields, The O' Boyle Children and (MOM, Bill Gross, not in the picture) Cub scouts Food Drive along with other troop members and leaders helped, sort and stock the shelves at the food Pantry. This drive is usually delivered to the DeSerio Center, but because our shelves were empty it was delivered to the pantry and put away to be ready for Tuesday's food bank day.

As you well know at Saint Paul's there is always something going on. This Saturday was the first Angel Food Ministry Delivery and we are pleased to report all went well with the distribution. There were a number of volunteers to help and as always we appreciate their kindness and generosity with their time to help us. We will be taking new orders for the month of December on Tuesday, December 1, 2009 1 - 3 PM and on Thursday December 3, 2009 6 - 7 PM at the Father Rausch Hall Distribution date December 12, 2009 11 AM - 1 PM.

More on the Angel Food Ministry is below is case you missed it in the newspaper and bulletin.

ANGEL FOOD MINISTRY. In a collaborative effort between The Hancock Community Food Bank and Angel Food Ministries we have teamed up to offer a grocery relief program that is open to everyone, regardless of how much money they earn. Angel Food Ministries is a non- profit, non- denominational organization dedicated to providing financial support in the form of food relief. Angel Food Ministries was established in 1994 to provide relief for struggling families in the Monroe, GA area. Angel Food Ministries today serves hundreds of thousands of families across 35 states. Since inception, Angel Food Ministries has fed more than 20 million Americans. In 2007 AFM provided 95 million in food assistance to American families.
         Here’s How Angel Food Ministries Works: For example: For $30 dollars cash or $30.00 in food stamps anyone can stop by the Host site and place an order. Inside each box there are items, which include meats, pantry staples, frozen vegetables, and other foods from the food groups. You may also purchase other specialty selections to serve your own individual needs. ( These items are priced separately) The Menu varies each month and consists of both fresh and frozen items with an average retail of about double of what you pay. That is why is called “Angel Food”. You may purchase as many boxes as you need. For our next delivery
we will be taking new orders for the month of December on Tuesday, December 1, 2009 1 - 3 PM and on Thursday December 3, 2009, 6 - 7 PM at the Father Rausch Hall.  Distribution date will be December 12, 2009 11 AM - 1 PM. All orders need to be paid in advance and picked up on the day of delivery. There are no exceptions to that rule.
         The food is purchased directly from some of the top suppliers in the country. Those who participate with angel food receive brand name food without worry about it being fresh. The Host site receives $1.00 per ordered box, which will be used to pick up the shipment at the delivered site. The program will be staffed with volunteers whose only mission is to support families in this challenging economy with the high cost of food prices.
To see a menu, place an order or inquire for more information visit the Host Site at: St. Paul’s Church, Father Rausch Hall 316 West Main Street Hancock, NY or call the Host Site Director, Socorro Marin at 607-637-2582.

The Catholic Daughters of the Americas Court St. Mary 929 Thursday, November 12, 2009 Meeting was a very pleasant evening. After all business was conducted our members were eager to begin making the Green Scapulars. The project was started and about 50 scapulars were assembled. As you know the Scapular is a devotion and prayer to Our Blessed Mother.
Although wonderful graces are obtained, they are proportionate to the confidence with which it is given. If you would like to receive a scapular please contact any Catholic Daughter for more information. They are a wonderful addition to your prayer life.

Our Hospitality Lap Blankets are finished and they will be making their way to some of our friends who are being thought of. We are thrilled to have been able to accomplish so much in such a few short months and we will continue to look for ways to grow in our faith and our friendships as we walk together in our journey towards UNITY and CHARITY.

Our Christmas Celebration will be held at Little Italy on December 10, 2009 at 6:00 PM. For Reservations Please call
Socorro Marin. Please bring a gift to exchange and a gift for the Community Toy Drive. All members and their guest are most welcome.

Looking ahead! Please mark your calendars for a Spaghetti Supper on January 14, 2010 at 4:00 -7:00 PM  in Father Rausch Hall.

"The Lord does work in mysterious ways"

Below is some history on our new organ I received from John F. Rausch after the update to our web site concerning the organ was sent out. I met John and his wife last year when he stopped at St. Paul's just to look around. He talked about visits he made here as a kid and his stays in the rectory with his uncle Father Rausch. I asked if I could put his name on our email list at that time and he has been enjoying reading about all that goes on in such a small parish ever since.

                                                                                                    * * *

Thank you for the regular news of St. Paul the Apostle Church.

I wanted you to know that Father John Rausch was originally from the old Holy Cross Parish in downtown Albany and was also ordained at Holy Cross Church on 9/19/1917.

It seems appropriate for the organ from the "new" but now closed Holy Cross Church in Albany to come to Father Rausch's beloved parish.


John F. Rausch (nephew of Father Rausch)



The organ that was generously donated to St. Paul's by the Mackin Family has served us well for many years, now has been replaced with an organ donated to St. Paul's by the Holy Cross Church in Albany. The church was recently closed do to the Called to Be Church process which ended last January. St. Paul's would need to pay for the disassembly, transportation and reassembly of the organ, which would amount to about $6500. Thus far we have had donations in the amount of about $5000 towards this cost, thanks to so many generous and caring people.
Below are pictures showing the disassembled old organ being taken out and the new one being hoisted up into the choir loft where it was reassembled. This feat required removing  two sections of the pews and the 5 men that made the trip down from Albany.


The article below was sent to Barbara Leonard by her sister and she passed it on to me. Seeing as how this last Sunday was All Saints Day and one of the Saints that Father Chris talked about was the recent canonization of Father Damien who worked with the lepers in Hawaii. A friend of Barb's sister was actually there for the ceremony and took the photos. He is a photographer for the Maui News. The photos not only capture the event but take a look at the great scenery in the background.

By Matthew Thayer

Staff Writer


        KALAUPAPA – Belgian Cardinal Godfried Danneels, Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels, gave a big mahalo to the residents of Molokai Saturday while conducting a thanksgiving mass in honor of recently canonized Saint Damien.

“We gave him to you as a human being and you gave him back as a saint,” Danneels said during his homily at St. Philomena Church on the windswept coast of Kalawao. “For that, we thank you.

“It was here (Hawaii) that Damien was ordained a priest of the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Here he began his heroic journey as Father Damien. Hawaii can be proud, and the whole world along with it. Yes, here it is appropriate to be proud of this heroic man.”

Danneels was the highest-ranking official in one of the largest gatherings of Catholic bishops ever on the neighbor islands. Joining Daneels and Honolulu Bishop Larry Silva were 11 bishops and one archbishop, all from California.

Shuttled to the remote peninsula from Honolulu and topside Molokai by a handful of chartered aircraft, the clergy joined residents of Kalaupapa and Molokai in celebrating Damien’s canonization 

“I thought it was beautiful,” Bishop Silva said. “I thought the cardinal’s words were very touching.”

Kalaupapa resident Norbert Palea was on hand to share his aloha, baked goods and even a few choruses of “Chattanooga Choo Choo.” He said the people of Kalaupapa have been on a high since Damien’s canonization.

“It was a very happy day,” Palea said. “We waited a long, long time. It was overdue.”

As a resident of Kalaupapa for 62 years, the former Hansen’s Disease patient said Damien’s message is as pertinent today as it was in 1873 when the young Belgian priest first volunteered to serve at Kalaupapa.

“He teaches people to be giving,” Palea said. “He had an unconditional love for his fellow men, and I hope it is this legacy that stays with him.”

Also on hand for the veneration ceremonies was Honolulu resident Audrey Toguchi, the “miracle” woman who prayed to Damien and saw her lung cancer disappear. The miracle cure was the final piece of the puzzle for Father Damien to become a saint.

“I think he really deserves the credit for being such a wonderful man,” Toguchi said. “When he went to the Big Island, he realized the people of Hawaii were not savages. He worked with them, he accepted their culture. He reached out to the most undesirable and the most unloved”

The day began with a contingent of Molokai youth and two students from Damien Memorial School carrying the Damien relic (a heal bone sealed in a glass box, stored in a wooden box) down the switchback trail to Kalaupapa. The students and their chaperones were met at the bottom of the trail by the bishops and several dozen other interested souls.

Following a brief service at the trailhead, everyone hopped on board a pair of old school buses for the dusty ride across the peninsula to Kalawao, the remote area where Damien did much of his work. After Mass at St. Philomena’s, the contingent piled back on the buses headed for a simple buffet lunch at St. Francis Church in Kalaupapa.   

After its two-week tour of the islands, the relic is scheduled today to be placed permanently in Honolulu’s Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace.          



The relic (heal bone) of recently canonized Saint Damien is brought Saturday to the remote peninsula of Kalaupapa where he gave his life tending to the lepers of Hawaii.

Molokai High sophomore Kamalani Bicoy carries the relic of St. Damien the final leg along the trail to Kalaupapa Saturday morning to deliver it to Honolulu Bishop Larry Silva for Saturday's thanksgiving mass.

Honolulu resident Audrey Toguchi (left) reaches out to hug Mary Adamski before Saturday's mass at St. Philomena Church in Kalawao. Toguchi's recovery from cancer was the miracle that paved the way for Father Damien to become a saint. "I think he really deserves it," Toguchi said.

One of the largest gatherings of Catholic bishops ever to assemble on a neighbor island prepares to enter St. Philomena's Church for Saturday's mass in honor of Saint Damien. Honolulu Bishop Larry Silva was joined by 11 other bishops and an archbishop from California and a cardinal from Belgium.

Honolulu Bishop Larry Silva (right) leads a procession delivering the relic of St. Damien to Kalaupapa Saturday.

Cardinal Godfried Danneels, Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels, is interviewed by KGMB reporter Steve Uyehara Saturday morning at Kalawao on the Kalaupapa peninsula of Molokai.

Cardinal Godfried Danneels (center), Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels, performs the consecration of the Eucharist during Saturday's thanksgiving mass at Kalawao, Molokai. In the background (from left) William Justice, Auxiliary Bishop of San Francisco, Bishop of Honolulu Larry Silva and John Cummins, retired Bishop of Oakland.

This photo hanging on the wall in social hall of Kalaupapa's St. Francis Church show St. Damien posing with the settlement's residents.


The prayer service that was held at St. Paul's on Monday evening November 2nd brought to an end two special days in the liturgical calendar that never seem to receive the attention they so richly deserve. Sunday, November 1st was All Saints Day and Monday, November 2nd was All Souls Day. The prayer service and the lighting of the memorial candles by family members and friends of those who had passed away this past year as well as in years past was without a doubt one of the most moving and reverent ceremonies I have ever seen anywhere. By the time the last candle was lighted, there were few dry eyes in the place. If you were not one of the 70 or so parishioners and friends that attended, you really missed one of the highlights of the year.

The homily by Father Chris pulled together the importance of these two special days and how fragile we all are. It is our faith that will take us to what is beyond.

Some of you may remember that there used to be a bell in the sacristy and many, many years ago, the priest would ring the bell to signal the start of each Mass. During the roof construction last year, our bell was removed for lack of use, and Father Chris had it installed in the choir loft. During the prayer service Monday evening, the bell was rung each time the name of a loved one was read, and then a family member or friend would come forward and light the memorial candle in that person’s honor. To hear the names being called and the bell rung once, you could literally see and feel the powerful emotions that filled our church. This was an evening that I'm sure we will remember for a long time to come.

A special thanks to all the people that it took to make such a special occasion happen. No only the people that read the names and helped light the candles, but the music and singing that came from the choir loft and of course the bell ringer. Add in all the people that worked in the back ground to put program together and the list just keeps growing. All the effort put forth to make this a memorable evening was greatly appreciated.


October 2009

As always, we began our morning with a discussion about the Rosary and prayed one decade together. After that, we shared a healthy breakfast of fruit, cheese and homemade pumpkin pie. This was a great opportunity to review hand washing and proper kitchen sanitation. This season particularly, everyone can benefit from the gentle reminder to wash thoroughly and well with soap and warm water.

Over the summer the young ladies of Mary's Flowers chose an activity with a corresponding badge that they would like to complete for this year. All of our activities have to incorporate service to others or service to family. This particular activity was candle making.

The Candle making process was fun, but also very useful. The many steps give an opportunity to follow ordered directions for a complex product and candles have a practical application in the home. This was also a great opportunity to have a review lesson regarding personal, kitchen and fire safety.

This project is one that can be tried at home with an adult. We had so much fun...we hope you do!

We started with a commercial pre-made candle wax and melted it in a candle melting pitcher. To ensure that the wax did not become flammable, we utilized a candle thermometer clipped to the inside of the candle melting pitcher. In cleaned glass votive cups, we hot glued the weighted metal base of a pre-made candle wick. After the wax was up to temperature, it was poured into individual heat-safe bowls. To these bowls of hot wax the young ladies mixed in a piece of crayon (for vibrant color) and a couple drops of an essential oil of their choice. After stirring together, the hot mixture was poured into the glass votive cups to cool. The extra wax of each candle was poured into a metal pillar candle mold. Due to the quantity of wax and it having to cool completely before removing, the young ladies have not yet seen this incredibly beautiful pillar candle creation they made together.

As always, thank you to the parents that support Mary's Flowers by bringing their lovely young ladies and offering their assistance with different projects. If you find that you might have extra craft materials (yarn, fabric, ribbon, projects, aprons, etc.) we welcome your donation and support. Please drop off your donations at the rectory with your name so that we know who to properly thank.

This holiday season Mary's Flowers will be making cinnamon ornaments that can be hung from your Christmas tree. As the ornament warms near a light, the cinnamon fragrance is delightful. For the second year, we will be decorating a "Mary" tree. Thank you to all family and friends that allowed the scavenging of the faces of last year's Christmas cards.

So much more to happen in November, but for now, Mary's Flowers will keep it a surprise!


Sunday November 1st was All Saints Day and Father Chris' homily was geared around the young people of the parish. Father not only talked to the children that had gathered at the front of the church but also asked some questions about  saints. The three Saints pictured below were from the Religious Education program. Mark White was Saint Patrick, The Patron Saint of Ireland. Kaeli Norton was Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, the first native born American to be canonized. She was a prolific reader, and read everything from the Bible to contemporary novels. Daniel Norton was Father Damien, a priest who cared for leprosy patients throughout the Hawaiian Islands more than a century ago, before dying of the disease himself. Father Damien was recently canonized by the Catholic Church

Robert and Diane Schield celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary on Oct. 25th. They received a special blessing from Father Chris at the 4PM Mass on Sat. October 31.

In celebration of  Halloween, a group of "girls" including parishioners Barb Leonard, Socorro Marin, MaryAnn Hunter, Jenny Rajoppi attended the production at Capitol Theater in Hancock on Friday, October 30.  We were greeted by this lovely lady who somehow reminded us of our own Father Chris....He/she turned out to be a big hit when the star of the show called him up to show off his costume!! I can even tell you where he got his costume, if your are interested in something cool and inexpensive for the next  Halloween!! 

The Catholic Daughters Court St. Mary’s 929 October 8th 2009 meeting was a combination of business and pleasure as the members of the organization were busy making personal Lap-Blankets for our friends who are in need of some friendly comfort. The members enjoyed making the blankets and also some quality time with each other as there never seems to be enough time to catch up with old friends.

The Lap-blankets are meant to be a gift for friends who are home bound or in need of some personal contact but especially a reminder that we are thinking about them and keeping them in our prayers!

The next meeting will also be a working meeting, while we have many more blankets to assemble we are also assembling “Green Scapulars”.  The Green Scapular or badge is one of the most famous scapulars, which enjoys privileges similar to the Brown Scapular of MT. Carmel.  Our purpose is to make a complimentary scapular available to all who would like to receive the cures and conversions, which are the great gifts of the Green Scapular. The scapular may be worn about the neck, hung in the person’s room, or placed under the pillow, kept in a wallet, or place in their clothing.  The confidence of the person giving this garment of Mary is most important for quicker conversion. There is no investiture for this scapular, you, must have it blessed by a Priest, and someone must say the following prayer as often as possible, as least once daily:

“Immaculate Heart of Mary, Pray for us now and at the hour of our death.” Amen.


Please join us for next meeting on November 12, 2009 at 7:00 PM and you are most invited to bring a friend.  


Another of our parish monthly coffee hours was held on Sunday, October 25th in the Father Rausch Hall. A number of parishioners stayed after the 9 AM Mass to take advantage of the breakfast goodies provided by the Parish Council.

Parishioners Pray Rosary for Peace

      Fourteen brave souls gathered at noon on Saturday, Oct. 10  to battle blustery winds at the Town Gazebo, Main and Read St. Hancock.   These St. Paul's parishioners prayed the Rosary for world peace and especially for our country, its youth, culture, and families.  The breezes ripped and knocked down the beautiful banner of Our Lady of Peace that was donated by America Needs Fatima organization of Hanover, Pa.  This did not deter the cheerful group from completing the Rosary and prayers for our nation.

     The event sponsored by the Catholic Daughters of St. Paul's Church, Hancock had a small but enthusiastic beginning to join over 4,337 other Rosary Rallies across the country who all prayed at the same time. Each group and captain was represented in Fatima, Portugal by America Needs Fatima, who took red and white roses to signify the number of rallies and captains to the international shrine.  In Fatima, 92 years ago, three children received apparitions of the Blessed Virgin to warn the world to pray for peace.  The Rosary was designated as the weapon to battle sins of our world that could lead us to destruction.  The "Fatima prayer" is repeated at the end of each decade in the Rosary, "Oh, my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell, lead all souls to heaven especially those who are most in need of Thy mercy. Amen."

    Go to www.ANF.org for more information on the rallies, as well as pictures that are still arriving daily from all the nationwide rallies.  The annual event, on the second Saturday of October, will next be held on October 9, 2010.  Plan to join thousands of rallies across the country to pray for America and peace.


On Sunday, October 4th  Father Chris did what he called a children's homily. Even though he brought the children up front and spoke to them directly, I'm sure the rest of us learned some things that we did not know or had forgotten about. The homily was based around the life of St. Francis and his love of God and the love that he had for animals. Father explained how the church with a big (C) is different than the church with a little (c).