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4th Quarter 2011

On December 3rd at the 4 PM Mass three new Mass vessels were blessed. The vessels were donated by Regina Possemato Steele and her husband Joseph, Paul and Susan Possemato. We thank them for their generous gifts to St. Paul's
A new Thurible and boat, used for blessing with incense, was donated in memory of Pasquale and Anna Possemato. Two new ciboriums, or communion bowls are donated in memory of Rocco J. and Elizabeth M. Possemato and Rocco P. and T.Elizabeth Possemato. We thank Regina and Joseph and Paul and Susan Possemato for their generous gifts.
Hancock celebrated the 2011 Festival of Lights Parade on Saturday night December 10th. St. Paul's had many Christmas elves, young and olds working hard on the float that was entered. The float was named "Angel's Over Hancock." and depicted many of the buildings around the village. As you may remember last year St. Paul's took first place with our float that depicted the real meaning of Christmas. This year the competition was tougher, even though we did not win a prize, all the hard work that went into building the float made for a good way to get into the Christmas spirit early.
The First Sunday of Advent was the first time Father Chris used the new Roman Missal in a weekend Mass and the parishioners used cue cards to follow along with the new wording. We also used the pamphlets provided by Cathy VanMater to help us through the  Season of Advent and the changes that were made to the music used in the Mass.

After Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament the families that had signed up to make Advent Wreaths gathered in the hall. Even thou the group was small everyone enjoyed the afternoon socializing while making the wreaths. The wreath's were blessed by Father Chris, followed by a delicious comfort food supper of hot dogs, chili and corn muffins to top off the afternoon.