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Parish Happenings 
4th Quarter of 2006


       The season of Advent and Christmas have come and gone. The church was beautifully decorated for Christmas, thanks to the many dedicated volunteers we have here at St. Paul's. Father Scott will soon be leaving and we are grateful for his presence here for the past three months. I'm sure he enjoyed his stay and that we enjoyed having him. We look forward to the return of Father Stephen.

      Since Bob passed away last April, many changes taken place here at St. Paul's. Many, many people have stepped up to volunteer their time, energy and especially their talents to help do the many things that need to be done. I would like to say a special thank you to each and every one for what you do to make things happen here at St. Paul's.

Paul Bartholomew
Pastoral Council, Chairman


       Eric Bergman gave an interesting presentation on November 21st. in the Father Rausch Hall, about what he has and is going through to became a Catholic Priest. Eric and is wife Christina have four children. The presentation was video taped that evening and a VCR copy  can be borrowed from the rectory for your viewing.


       Betty LaMaine passed away after a long illness on November 8th. A funeral luncheon was served on Nov.11th by the Bethany Ministry volunteers for Betty's friends and family at the Father Rausch Hall.


       On November 4, 2006 a Lord's Day Dinner was held at the Father Rausch Hall. The pot luck dinner was organized by Audra Towsley and Danielle Gross. The dinner was attended by about 60 people and enjoyable evening of fellowship and great food was really enjoyed by all who attended. On January 6, 2007 we will have another Lord's Day Dinner which will include a welcome back reception for Father Stephen. Save the date on your calendar for a memorable night fun and good food. This is also a great way to meet and converse with other parishioners.


      Sunday October 22, 2006 a combination birthday and welcome to St. Paul's reception was held at the Father Rausch Hall in honor of Father Scott. Cake and breakfast pastries were served to the many that stopped in after the 10 AM Mass.



         Called to Be Church is a two year program that the Albany Diocese has undertaken to study where we are and where the parishes of the diocese will be over the next 20 years. The Albany Diocese  has a web site that has much more information. Click on this link to access the web site. Called to Be Church

       Sunday Oct. 15th was the first of two parish town meetings that we are required to have by the diocese. The subject of the meeting was (Mission). The second town meeting was held on Nov. 19th and the topic was (Ministry). Over 50 parishioners attended and we gathered some valuable information that will be forwarded to Albany.


      On Wednesday Oct. 11, 2006 the Bethany Ministries Volunteers served a Funeral Dinner for the Family of John Evanitsky, serving almost 100 friends and family members.