God, Like A Mother Bird


A few weeks ago we took a picture of baby rabbits discovered in their juniper bush nest. We listened to the psalm that told us about God making places where rabbits can hide from danger.



Now here is a picture of a Mother Robin and her hungry chicks. They’ve been waiting for their meal! This is a good mother. She’s built her nest where it won’t get wet. She’s sat on the eggs for many days and nights until they hatched. And now she’s making hundreds of trips back and forth, back and forth, to keep the babies fed.





Another psalm tells us that in the desert, the mother bird stands over the nest with her wings opened wide, like an umbrella over the chicks, so the sun doesn’t burn them. God is like that, the psalm says!




Jesus was sitting on a hillside looking at the city of Jerusalem. He felt sad, saying he’d be pleased if the people returned his love. He wanted to gather all the people of the city around him the way a mother hen gathers her chicks. Jesus wants us to stay near to him, so that we can be safe from anything that wants to take our hearts and minds away from God.



Blessed Paul Giustiniani says that when we pray, we might think of ourselves sitting quietly near Jesus, like the chicks here, near their mother. What a wonderful thought to begin each new day!