The Tabernacle




But why do we come here? The altar is inside. The pulpit, where we hear the Holy Gospel is inside. The tabernacle where we keep the Eucharist (The Body of Christ) is inside. There is a red light near the tabernacle that burns all day and all night Ė even while weíre sleeping! It reminds me that Jesus is in our church in this most wonderful way.



And our church is open for people to come and pray. We need to pray very deeply. Letís never forget this. Pray just to tell God you love Him. Pray to thank God. Pray to tell God how sorry you are that there is sadness and sin in our world. Pray to ask God for what we need: peace, forgiveness, more kindness, good health, safety where itís dangerous, protection from evil things.



Itís especially nice to come to St. Paulís when the church is empty and quiet. You can light a candle. You can visit Maryís shrine where she holds the Little Jesus taking a nap in her arms. Pray that all the people who come to St. Paulís will love each other and we will live lives that are pleasing to God.