In the spring time baby animals are born. And if we look carefully we can see them because we live in an area that’s still pretty wild!


Mother Robins lay two clutches (bunches) of blue eggs in the spring – one right after another! These mothers work very hard feeding so many open mouths!


It seems that baby rabbits are everywhere now. They learn to take care of themselves very quickly. When they are small, the mother rabbit makes a nest in a hole or maybe where some rocks and roots are. She pads the nest with grass and fur to make it soft.


Sometimes we come across a nest of baby rabbits in the garden. Here is a picture of some little rabbits we found when we were trimming some branches on an evergreen bush. Aren’t they wonderful? We covered them back up so as not to frighten them and to keep them safe.


A psalm (the “P” is quiet - say: salm – rhymes with palm) is a poem-prayer we find in the bible. There are 150 of them. They sing about praising God, thanking God, being sorry before God. Psalm 104 sings about how wonderful God’s world is and that God takes care of everything.


Listen to these beautiful lines:




The trees of God drink their fill,

the cedars of Lebanon which God planted;

there the birds build their nests,

on the highest branches the stork makes its home;

for the wild goats there are the mountains,

in the crags the rabbits find safety.



Isn’t this great? The trees get a drink when it rains. Find the country of Lebanon on your globe! Cedars of Lebanon are strong and great trees where birds make nests. And in the mountains there are wild animals that find a home – even little places where rabbits can be safe.


But if God takes care of the trees and the animals – even the littlest of rabbits – how much more will God take care of you! Let’s look at this picture of the baby rabbits and feel happy and safe as we go to sleep tonight!