Holy Smoke!


Sometimes we say, “Holy Smoke” when we’re excited about something. But I wonder if the expression came from church where sometimes we have REAL holy smoke at Mass which we call INCENSE.


Incense is little grains of sap or “juice” from certain trees, many of which grow far away, even in AFRICA! Check out the globe! Find AFRICA! The sap is collected and warmed up. When it gets soft, flower oil is added which makes the incense smell hundreds of different ways.


The priest or deacon puts some of the grains of incense on a hot charcoal held inside a fancy bowl with chains called a THURIBLE. The hot coal makes the incense burn, sending out a cloud of smoke which goes up and swirls around as the priest walks around the altar or even up and down the aisle.


Suddenly, the whole church feels more holy! The air seems to say: “Whoa! Let’s pray! Let’s love God!” The smoke might even go up high into the air. Oh, I want my prayers to go up from my heart – higher and higher all the way to heaven. I want to tell God of my love, my happiness, my troubles. I want to tell God that I will be good, truthful and obedient.


As the holy smoke goes up say: “Oh God, I am sending all the good things I do to surprise you! I want to please you with my love!”