Jesus and His Mother


When we were very small we were each held by our mother. Sometimes we would play in her arms. Sometimes she would feed us there. Sometimes we would sleep or just rest quietly. Sometimes we would cry in her arms and she would comfort us. In the statue of Mary and the Little Jesus at Saint Paulís Church, Jesus is fast asleep. He looks very peaceful, doesnít he?


Get this!!! A Motherís arms hold the One who is so big and so great even all of outer space canít hold him. WOW! All of heaven canít hold God, but the little town of Bethlehem did!


In the Holy Child, God has come to us to look at our whole world with love Ė with eyes like our own. He comes to look lovingly at our world Ė where the world is sick, fighting, hungry, lonely, selfish, tired, confused, afraid Ė where the world is blind to the things God thinks are important.


He doesnít come to punish us, but He is full of hope that we will look back at him and to each other with love. Here is a little prayer to pray just before going to bed at night.


O Lady, Mother and Queen,

You held the Little Jesus while he slept.

Let me take him from your arms

these few minutes before I sleep too.

Not to worry, O Mary,

I will hold him safely in my heart this night.