We Begin With Water!



Do you know that when you were very small and still inside your mom, you lived in a bag of water! NEAT! And when it was time for you, and every other human person, to come out into the world, the water-bag broke and we were on our way! Life begins in water! And as you open the door to come into our church there’s a fountain on the wall holding water. It’s called a HOLY WATER FONT.  Ours comes from Italy and is very beautiful, with bursts of color and nice designs. Dip your RIGHT hand into the water carefully and gently. Never do religious things in a hurry! Make the Sign of the Cross now – forehead, heart, left shoulder, right shoulder.


This reminds me of my Baptism, when I met Jesus Christ for the very first time. On the day of my Baptism I got all wet. I was soaked with Christ. I was flooded with Christ. Like being born a second time! Get it?


God’s life overflowed in me on Baptism day – we call it grace. Jesus and I became partners. A white robe was put on me. Nice smelling oil was put on my head and made me shiny. I was given a white candle with a bright flame. These are all signs of taking Jesus into my life! How wonderful! Does it show that I REALLY know Jesus and BELONG to Him? Where’s my smile?