Windows Way Up High 


Have you ever looked UP in our church and seen the tops of the windows. There are painted pictures there. The windows were there long, long before you and I were born! Our windows are colorful and lovely. Look carefully! Find the window with this picture of a CHALICE. The chalice is the cup used on the altar at Mass. The priest pours wine and a few drops of water into the chalice. The wine will become the Blood of Christ.










The other cup has a cover. It is called a CIBORIUM. The word ciborium comes from the Latin word, “cibus” (say: chee-bus: which means FOOD) Wow! The ciborium holds the small bread-hosts which become our food, the Body of Christ!


Jesus wears the disguise of bread and wine when he comes to feed us! Food helps us to grow up. We all need to grow up in Christ – not just the kids. We eat the Body and Blood of Christ to help us grow up - trusting God, loving God, loving people.

Sometimes we get this right and at other times we miss it. As you come up the aisle to receive Holy Communion, pray and ask God to help you to grow up strong in Christ – with thoughts that please God, by not getting so angry – so quickly, by not thinking, “I’m the best.” If I receive Holy Communion from the chalice and the ciborium on Sunday, I might smile more during the week. People might wonder, “Hmmmm, what does that kid know that I don’t know?”