Church Happenings 

There are many things that happen in the parish that a lot of us may not hear about. There is not enough room in our printed weekly bulletin to adequately cover everything. I would like to use these pages to expand on some of theses things. The events that go on in the parish just don't happen, it takes many dedicated people working together to make them happen. This is your page, you make things happen. If you are involved in a parish event or program and would like to share more specifics with the rest of us, this is the place. Pictures are a good way of sharing and are always welcomed. Want to wish someone a happy birthday or happy anniversary, this may be a different and fun way to do it. Contact Paul Bartholomew at 607-637-5409 or

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1st Quarter of 2014
2nd Quarter of 2014
3rd Quarter of 2014
4th Quarter of 2014